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instance of: painting (51) | tondo (1) | watercolor painting (1)

owned by: France (4) | Isaac de Camondo (2) | Ambroise Vollard (2) | Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (1) | Paul Rosenberg (1) | Auguste Pellerin (1) | Bernheim-Jeune (1) | Albright–Knox Art Gallery (1) | Julien Tanguy (1) | Victor Chocquet (1) | Hirschsprung Collection (1) | Eva Gebhard (1) | Napoléon Gourgaud (1) | A. Conger Goodyear (1) | Christine Stampe (1) | Jean-Victor Pellerin (1) | Gottlieb Friedrich Reber (1) | Michel Manzi (1)

movement: Orientalism (12) | academic art (12) | neoclassicism (3) | rococo (2) | Post-Impressionism (2) | Impressionism (1) | Danish Golden Age (1)

based on: The Valpinçon Bather (1)

artist: Jean-Léon Gérôme (10) | Anders Zorn (6) | Paul Cézanne (3) | Edgar Degas (3) | Francesco Hayez (2) | Rembrandt (1) | Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1) | Paul Gauguin (1) | Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1) | Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1) | Hans von Aachen (1) | Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1) | Thomas Eakins (1) | Anna Ancher (1) | Édouard Debat-Ponsan (1) | Gustave Caillebotte (1) | Joaquín Sorolla (1) | Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (1)

part of the series: Baigneuses (Bathers) (3)

material used: oil paint (43) | canvas (37) | wood (4) | pastel (4) | paper (3) | cardboard (2) | gouache paint (1) | panel (1) | watercolor paint (1)

collection: private collection (9) | Musée d'Orsay (6) | Department of Paintings of the Louvre (4) | Nationalmuseum (3) | Museum of Fine Arts (2) | Philadelphia Museum of Art (2) | Hirschsprung Collection (2) | Kunsthistorisches Museum (1) | Pinacoteca di Brera (1) | Museo del Prado (1) | National Gallery (1) | Rijksmuseum (1) | Art Institute of Chicago (1) | Amon Carter Museum of American Art (1) | Berlin State Museums (1) | Bordeaux Beaux-arts museum (1) | Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (1) | Norton Simon Museum (1)

location: Musée d'Orsay (6) | Nationalmuseum (3) | Museum of Fine Arts (2) | Philadelphia Museum of Art (2) | Hirschsprung Collection (2) | Paris (1) | Louvre Museum (1) | Kunsthistorisches Museum (1) | Museo del Prado (1) | Alte Nationalgalerie (1) | National Gallery (1) | Rijksmuseum (1) | Art Institute of Chicago (1) | Amon Carter Museum of American Art (1) | Galerie nationale du Jeu de paume (1) | Ateneum (1) | Bordeaux Beaux-arts museum (1) | Louvre Palace (1)

country of origin: France (3) | Spain (1) | United States of America (1) | Denmark (1)

exhibition history: 8th impressionist exhibition (2) | Salon d'automne de 1905 (1) | Salon d'Automne (1) | Salon of 1872 (1) | Europeana 280 (1)

main subject: washing (8) | lesbian (1) | Bathsheba at her bath (1)

location of final assembly: Valencia (1) | Tahiti (1) | Keuruu (1)

fabrication method: monotyping (1)


by Jean-Jacques Henner (1872)
woman sitting contrapposto akimbo nudity chestnut hair red hair ponytail long hair glabrousness umbilicus breast back recorder recorder player fountain broad-leaved tree profil perdu grass hill rural area sky mons pubis

The end of the pose

by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1886)
studio art model clothed male, naked female nudity standing woman back sculptor statue revolving stool rack of shelves easel Jean-Léon Gérôme buttocks waist hip intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus chignon brown hair sponge bed sheet white hair moustache

David and Bathsheba

by Hans von Aachen (1612s)
David Bathsheba woman washing pedicure sitting palace mirror specular reflection sole back buttocks cushion man Huequitos para Andrea mule basin chestnut hair earring chignon intergluteal cleft eyebrow smile barefoot toe clothed male, naked female malleolus

After the Bath

by Jean-Léon Gérôme (19th century)
Turkish bath woman sitting cross-legged sitting standing black hair eye contact specular reflection long hair loincloth chignon hookah smoking drapery bell pepper breast back buttocks column nude swimming water tap azulejo eyebrow hip swimming pool

Women at the The Bath

by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1898)
nudity cross-legged sitting woman Turkish bath group of humans sitting black hair tray hookah orange carpet sole back hip intergluteal cleft breast smile conversation standing White people black people door toe areola nude swimming eunuch clothed male, naked female gaze towards the viewer

Girls from Dalarna in the sauna

by Anders Zorn (1906)
sauna woman nudity vat kneeling contrapposto blond chestnut hair headband chignon back washing Huequitos para Andrea umbilicus breast nude swimming areola steatomery hip waist barefoot toe mons pubis

[no title]

by Anders Zorn (1915)
woman nudity back chestnut hair fireplace mantel ribbon fireplace chimney fire waist hip breast steatomery buttocks intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus toe cuisine flame smoke cauldron parquetry pince à braises trammel hook potato barefoot light source malleolus

Socrates discovers Alcibiades in a brothel

by Francesco Hayez
Socrates Alcibiades brothel prostitute clothed male, naked female group of humans man standing clothing in the ancient world beard white hair lyre bed footstool window herma tessellation woman nudity toplessness kneeling sitting back buttocks intergluteal cleft breast chignon long hair headband umbilicus nipple waist hip half reclining barefoot toe malleolus

Fillettes essorant leur linge

by Nasreddine Dinet
girl teenager nudity nude swimming barefoot standing sky body of water washerwoman buttocks anklet bracelet palm tree flower shore watercourse back Huequitos para Andrea umbilicus intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus glabrousness hairstyle coif bijou pigtail

Homme au bain

by Gustave Caillebotte (1884)
man bathtub chair nudity buttocks heel barefoot intergluteal cleft back Huequitos para Andrea malleolus

Bathsheba at her toilet, seen by King David

by Rembrandt (1632)
Bathsheba woman washing pedicure sitting tree rural area palace blond shoulder back breast nipple shirt earring necklace pearl bouquet barefoot sole toe Pince-nez domestic worker veil elderly sky kneeling drapery

The Two Bathers

by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1884)
woman nudity brown hair long hair chignon black hair lesbian sitting kneeling buttocks breast umbilicus gaze back rock sea shore sky cloud nude swimming drapery intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus smile glabrousness sole

The Hookah Lighter

by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1898)
nudity washing woman swimming pool hookah nude swimming garden fountain column balustrade hedge tree broad-leaved tree cross-legged sitting back buttocks intergluteal cleft ember smoke orange carpet tray black hair long hair water jet specular reflection standing breast armpit umbilicus waist hip glabrousness profil perdu veil smoking walking mons pubis

Female Model Before a Mirror

by Ludvig August Smith (1841)
woman back mirror drapery necklace wall

Le Massage. Scène de hammam

by Édouard Debat-Ponsan (1883)
Turkish bath massage azulejo tap woman black people White people nudity lying black hair long hair back Huequitos para Andrea buttocks intergluteal cleft toplessness standing headscarf breast areola fountain sink niche washing

En premiär

by Anders Zorn (1888)
nude swimming nudity mother son boy woman back buttocks chignon standing intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus steatomery breast Huequitos para Andrea waist high-angle shot specular reflection hip brown hair


by Cornelis Bisschop (1660s)
Bathsheba woman washing sitting tree back fountain buttocks reading intergluteal cleft palace sky cloud brown hair

Bathers (Les Grandes Baigneuses)

by Paul Cézanne (1894)
bathing woman nudity sitting lying walking trunk tree sky back towel long hair chestnut hair black hair chignon ponytail nude swimming rural area cloud

The Turkish Bath

painting / tondo
by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1862)
harem Turkish bath woman dance music hairstyle nudity back glabrousness Huequitos para Andrea breast handbra umbilicus necklace long hair blond bracelet earring black people White people ring armpit nipple Grossenau part Madeleine Chapelle mons pubis

A nude woman doing her hair before a mirror

by Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (September 1841)
woman back mirror brown hair chignon toplessness earring specular reflection intergluteal cleft mirror image hair care

The maid in the kitchen

by Anna Ancher (1883)
kitchen door woman standing back

Moorish Bath

by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1870)
nudity washing woman Turkish bath swimming pool black people White people sitting standing back hip barefoot turban toplessness breast areola nipple intergluteal cleft necklace None red hair loincloth drapery long hair profil perdu sole basin

The Great Bath at Bursa

by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1885)
nudity washing standing woman Turkish bath sitting arcade nude swimming back White people black people cross-legged sitting lying hip steatomery walking buttocks intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus drapery Huequitos para Andrea black hair red hair toplessness breast Bursa umbilicus swimming pool loincloth group of humans

Interior with Young Woman Seen from the Back

by Vilhelm Hammershøi (1903)
Ida Ilsted back

Femme dans son bain s'épongeant la jambe

by Edgar Degas (1883)
bathing washing woman bathtub chignon profil perdu chestnut hair sponge nudity back sitting No. 14 chair clothing window curtain commode

Chicos en la playa

by Joaquín Sorolla (1910)
beach boy nudity blond brown hair lying nude swimming sea bathing summer Mediterranean Sea eye contact sole toe back buttocks intergluteal cleft

In the Sauna

by Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1889)
girl man woman sauna nudity washing clothed female, naked male back standing sitting contrapposto Huequitos para Andrea buttocks intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus barefoot Talon toe fireplace chimney fire blond group of humans malleolus French braid

The Shirt Withdrawn

by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1770)
woman lying nudity brown hair long hair bed mattress pillow shirt drapery curtain putto bird's wing Cupid Eros buttocks intergluteal cleft back overweight

The Bath

by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1885s)
nudity washing woman Turkish bath black people White people sitting standing sole fountain loincloth anklet necklace sponge toplessness breast areola black hair headscarf chignon back buttocks hip waist cage towel


by Albert Dagnaux (1918)
squatting position woman elderly kneeling washing group of humans chestnut hair pedicure gaze towards the viewer back sitting window eyebrow shoulder breast waist hip overweight buttocks intergluteal cleft barefoot toe chignon rosacea old age

The Model's Rest

by José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior (1882)
studio painter art model man woman sitting clothed male, naked female trousers cigarette smoking beard easel piano toplessness mandolin carpet partitur brown hair chignon loincloth barefoot sole tambourine Ilex aquifolium eye contact wallpaper chassis canvas palette beret back height hip Huequitos para Andrea halberd drapery candlestick candle western concert flute clarinet malleolus

The Swimming Hole

by Thomas Eakins (1884)
nude swimming man nudity contrapposto half reclining sitting swimming diving back intergluteal cleft buttocks brown hair red hair walrus moustache dog rural area body of water shore meadow grass broad-leaved tree forest sky specular reflection

Morning Toilet

by Jean-Frédéric Schall (1780)
woman standing nudity shirt back buttocks intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus Huequitos para Andrea bidet washing long hair white hair headband couch canopy bed bedroom curtain mirror specular reflection umbilicus breast areola dress 1775–95 in Western fashion rose painting carpet mirror image

Surprized Bathers

by Fernand Allard l'Olivier
girl teenager nudity nude swimming standing sky cloud body of water barque surprise buttocks breast clothing handbra chignon chestnut hair intergluteal cleft umbilicus steatomery glabrousness Gluteal sulcus smile hip waist drapery shore back Huequitos para Andrea mons pubis

Après le bain, femme nue s'essuyant la nuque

by Edgar Degas (1895)
woman sitting nudity towel bathtub back red hair long hair washing ponytail bathing

Les Baigneurs

by Paul Cézanne (1890)
bathing man nudity swimsuit standing sitting back broad-leaved tree tree rural area sky cloud watercourse shore towel brown hair

The Tub

by Edgar Degas (1886)
woman nudity squatting position long hair back red hair bathtub washing hairbrush flagon sponge basin high-angle shot chignon table crock

Woman Milking a Red Cow

by Karel Dujardin (1650s)
milking milkmaid dairy cattle milk churn kneeling shawl dress blond shoulder back goat plant Herding dog herder man walking stick standing rural area sky cloud cow milk pigtail

Bathsheba Bathing

by Francesco Hayez (1834)
Bathsheba woman washing pedicure sitting tree rural area breast nipple group of humans grass toplessness coif turban black hair eye contact armpit necklace height umbilicus hip barefoot kneeling loincloth drapery eyebrow back Huequitos para Andrea toe fountain sandal nudity bathing nude swimming malleolus

Female Model Standing Before a Mirror

by Sally Henriques (1841)
woman back mirror drapery necklace

Woman Dressing

by Anders Zorn (1893)
woman sitting back chignon shirt petticoat straw hat grass rural area shadow daylight branch brown hair


by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1889)
nude swimming Turkish bath woman nudity blond chestnut hair black hair chignon sitting lying standing sole back waist hip eye contact conversation breast umbilicus glabrousness Huequitos para Andrea hookah arcade swimming pool washing cross-legged sitting group of humans

Trois Baigneuses

by Paul Cézanne (1874)
woman nudity nude swimming long hair brown hair standing sitting kneeling back umbilicus breast tree poplar sky watercourse shore broad-leaved tree bathing

The Tub

painting / watercolor painting
by Anders Zorn (1888)
bathroom window None basin sponge chestnut hair chignon mirror specular reflection sink washing woman nudity back Huequitos para Andrea buttocks hip intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus nude swimming breast areola umbilicus towel drapery cleavage waist barefoot toe blond

Bathers by the Edge of a River

by Jean-Léon Gérôme (19th century)
nudity washing woman nude swimming river shore palm tree contre-jour sky back waist hip specular reflection house standing dress veil intergluteal cleft breast sitting public nudity group of humans