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instance of: painting (18)

owned by: France (3) | Isaac de Camondo (1) | Antonin Personnaz (1) | François Depeaux (1) | Frédéric Hartmann (1)

movement: Impressionism (3) | Post-Impressionism (1)

artist: Alfred Sisley (6) | Camille Pissarro (3) | Vincent van Gogh (1) | Paul Cézanne (1) | Paul Gauguin (1) | Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1) | Félix Vallotton (1) | Jean-François Millet (1) | Édouard Vuillard (1) | Armand Guillaumin (1) | Antoine Chintreuil (1)

material used: oil paint (18) | canvas (18)

location: Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon (1) | Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (1) | Museum of Grenoble (1) | Musée Paul-Dini (1)

country of origin: France (1)

exhibition history: 1st impressionist exhibition (1) | Salon of 1872 (1) | De Corot à l'art moderne. Souvenirs et variations (1)

location of final assembly: Louveciennes (2) | Auvers-sur-Oise (1)

Snow in Marly-le-Roi

by Alfred Sisley (1875)
path sky broad-leaved tree winter Marly-le-Roi snow landscape


by Édouard Vuillard (1907s)
bench bouquet path dog woman broad-leaved tree forest sitting

La neige à Louveciennes

by Alfred Sisley (1875)
Louveciennes tree path winter snow landscape

Village de Voisins

by Alfred Sisley (1874)
Louveciennes path house tree person sky fence cloud broad-leaved tree landscape

The Delafolie House, Éragny, Sunset

by Camille Pissarro (1885)
sunset house fence tree path broad-leaved tree landscape meadow

Chemin montant dans les hautes herbes

by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1874)
path child woman broad-leaved tree landscape meadow

Louveciennes. Sentier de la Mi-côte

by Alfred Sisley (1873)
Louveciennes trail house farm railing hill roof roof tile broad-leaved tree tree autumn chimney ridge dormer aerial perspective sky path landscape

Ruelle des Poulies, Pontoise

by Camille Pissarro (1872)
landscape Pontoise tree path sky bell tower house

Hoar-Frost at Ennery

by Camille Pissarro (1873)
swagger stick snag field path sky hill broad-leaved tree ice winter landscape

Apple and broom flowers

by Antoine Chintreuil
path Genisteae landscape apple tree

Le Printemps

by Jean-François Millet (1868)
path fruit tree spring thunderstorm rainbow landscape stripe

Un coin de bois aux Sablons

by Alfred Sisley (1883)
path forest landscape

House and Reeds

by Félix Vallotton (1921s)
path broad-leaved tree house landscape hen reed

Les Peupliers

by Paul Cézanne (1879)
path landscape poplar

Hollow in the snow

by Armand Guillaumin (1869)
tree path woman winter snow landscape

[no title]

by Paul Gauguin (1888)
Alyscamps urban park watercourse poplar autumn path person plant broad-leaved tree sky None lantern tower Arles canal woman landscape

The Church at Auvers

by Vincent van Gogh (+1890-06-00T00:00:00Z)
église Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption d'Auvers-sur-Oise sky church building woman lawn Auvers-sur-Oise path flower herb

Temps de neige à Veneux-Nadon

by Alfred Sisley (1880s)
path broad-leaved tree winter house snow landscape