genre: landscape art / collection: Musée d'Orsay / country of origin: France / owned by: Jean-Baptiste Faure / exhibition history: Salon des Refusés / depicts: headgear

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instance of: painting (1)

artist: Édouard Manet (1)

material used: oil paint (1) | canvas (1)

Luncheon on the Grass

by Édouard Manet (1863)
picnic clothed male, naked female sitting nudity woman Victorine Meurent Eugène Manet Ferdinand Leenhoff brown hair headgear cane dress straw hat basket bread fruit cherry tree watercourse woman bathing barque herb understory woodland Pyrrhula grass man barefoot toe Claudette Colbert hip gaze towards the viewer malleolus hat broad-leaved tree fruit goldsmithing container basketry clothing