genre: religious art / fabrication method: chiaroscuro / depicts: Peter

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instance of: painting (2)

owned by: British royal family (1)

movement: Baroque (2)

based on: Denial of Peter (1) | Calling of the disciples (1) | Matthew 4 (1)

artist: Caravaggio (2)

material used: oil paint (2) | canvas (1)

collection: Metropolitan Museum of Art (1) | Hampton Court Palace (1) | Royal Collection (1)

location: Metropolitan Museum of Art (1) | Hampton Court Palace (1)

exhibition history: Corps et Ombres (1)

main subject: Denial of Peter (1)

The Calling of Saints Peter and Andrew

by Caravaggio (1603)
Jesus Christ Peter Andrew vocation conversation man Calling of the disciples

The Denial of Saint Peter

by Caravaggio (1610)
Denial of Peter Peter soldier woman