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instance of: painting (11) | diptych (1) | painting series (1)

owned by: Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria (3) | Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor (1)

movement: Venetian school (3) | mannerism (1)

based on: Greek mythology (1) | Orlando Furioso (1) | Metamorphoses (1) | Diana and Callisto (1) | Susanna and the Elders (1) | death of Cleopatra (1)

artist: Peter Paul Rubens (2) | Titian (2) | Antonio da Correggio (1) | Jacopo Tintoretto (1) | Parmigianino (1) | Giovanni Bellini (1) | Hans von Aachen (1) | Hugo van der Goes (1) | Bartholomeus Spranger (1) | Guido Cagnacci (1)

part of the series: Danaë (1)

depicts: woman (9) | nudity (7) | umbilicus (6) | sitting (5) | breast (4) | long hair (4) | washing (4) | earring (4) | man (3) | mirror (3) | nipple (3) | blond (3) | glabrousness (3) | standing (3) | chestnut hair (3) | clothed male, naked female (3) | smile (2) | Cupid (2)

material used: oil paint (10) | canvas (6) | wood (3) | color (1) | panel (1) | canvas (1)

country of origin: Italy (1)

exhibition history: Prayers and Portraits, Unfolding the Netherlandish Diptych (1)

main subject: original sin (1) | lamentation of Christ (1) | Susanna and the Elders (1) | Diana and Callisto (1) | death of Cleopatra (1)

Susanna and the Elders

by Jacopo Tintoretto (1557)
Susanna woman nudity washing sitting umbilicus mirror bracelet earring glabrousness long hair beard white hair baldness voyeurism tree rose standing elderly garden trellis bird pigtail

Jupiter and Io

by Antonio da Correggio (1532)
Jupiter Io

David and Bathsheba

by Hans von Aachen (1612s)
David Bathsheba woman washing pedicure sitting palace mirror specular reflection sole back buttocks cushion man Huequitos para Andrea mule basin chestnut hair earring chignon intergluteal cleft eyebrow smile barefoot toe clothed male, naked female malleolus


by Titian (1554)
Danaë armpit woman shower of gold bed Rosa domestic worker platter

The Death of Cleopatra

by Guido Cagnacci (1659)
Cleopatra suicide woman toplessness aspic viper snakebite umbilicus breast areola nipple long hair blond sitting earring pearl fauteuil crown cadaver agony domestic worker red hair chignon sadness crying chestnut hair dress

Naked Young Woman in Front of the Mirror

by Giovanni Bellini (1515)
bedroom wall window mirror woman nudity sitting long hair chestnut hair headgear specular reflection vase house hill mountain sky cloud sunset twilight washing umbilicus part mirror image

Venus and Adonis

by Bartholomeus Spranger (1597)
hug kiss couple sitting clothed male, naked female Venus Aphrodite woman nudity see-through clothing glabrousness umbilicus breast nipple blond smile Adonis man brown hair moustache bonnet hunting dog dog collar drapery Cupid Eros quiver arrow bird's wing pigeon landscape aerial perspective lovers' embrace

Vienna Diptych

diptych / painting series
by Hugo van der Goes (1470)
Adam and Eve lamentation of Christ Jesus Christ Adam Eve tree of the knowledge of good and evil serpent in the Bible Virgin Mary Mary Magdalena nudity

Het Pelsken

by Peter Paul Rubens (1638)
Helena Fourment woman standing nudity fur red hair long hair breast umbilicus earring pearl nipple gaze towards the viewer washing

Diana and Callisto

by Titian (1568)
Diana Kallisto Artemis woman

Angelica and the Hermit

by Peter Paul Rubens (1620s)
Angelica woman nudity lying sleep pillow umbilicus breast glabrousness blond hermit man clothed male, naked female mons pubis

Cupid Making His Arch

by Parmigianino (1533)
Cupid nudity standing bird's wing carpentry back knife branch buttocks intergluteal cleft boy Erotes bow