depicts: Jesus Christ / material used: canvas / artist: Paolo Veronese / genre: religious art / collection: Department of Paintings of the Louvre

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instance of: painting (3)

movement: mannerism (1)

based on: Marriage at Cana (1)

location: Salle des √Čtats (3)

main subject: crucifixion of Jesus (1) | Marriage at Cana (1) | Raising of Jairus' daughter (1)

The Raising of Jairus' daughter

by Paolo Veronese (1546s)
Jesus Christ

The Wedding at Cana

by Paolo Veronese (1563)
wedding Banquete miracles of Jesus Jesus Christ man dog domestic worker crock table musician viol violin architecture palace column capital entablature sculpture in the round frieze balustrade terrace clothing in the ancient world Titian Jacopo Tintoretto Jacopo Bassano Andrea Palladio sitting disguise painter architect standing Francis I of France Charles V Suleiman the Magnificent sky cloud campanile Marriage at Cana


by Paolo Veronese (1584s)
Jesus Christ crucifixion of Jesus Virgin Mary collapse Jerusalem John the Apostle Mary Magdalena