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instance of: painting (8)

movement: Baroque (1) | mannerism (1) | Renaissance art (1)

genre: religious art (8)

artist: Daniele Crespi (2) | Peter Paul Rubens (1) | Andrea Mantegna (1) | Bramantino (1) | Annibale Carracci (1) | Paolo Veronese (1) | Caravaggio (1)

location: Sforza Castle Pinacoteca (1)

exhibition history: Europeana 280 (2)

main subject: Last Supper (2) | crucifixion of Jesus (1) | Road to Emmaus appearance (1) | lamentation of Christ (1) | Christ and the Woman of Samaria (1)

fabrication method: oil painting (1)

Martirio di santo Stefano

by Daniele Crespi (1622)
Stephen God Jesus Christ cherub crowd globe sword rock

Last Supper

by Peter Paul Rubens (1631)
Jesus Christ man Last Supper dog apostle gaze towards the viewer

Supper at Emmaus

by Caravaggio (1606)
Jesus Christ Eucharist

The Feast in the House of Simon the Pharisee

by Paolo Veronese (1570)
Jesus Christ man

The Last Supper

by Daniele Crespi (1624)
Jesus Christ man Last Supper

Lamentation of Christ

by Andrea Mantegna (1480s)
Jesus Christ man

Christ and the Woman of Samaria

by Annibale Carracci (16th century)
Samaritan woman at the well Jesus Christ


by Bramantino (1510)
Virgin Mary woman Jesus Christ man