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movement: mannerism (2) | Venetian school (1) | Gothic painting (1) | High Renaissance (1)

genre: religious art (40) | nude (1) | history painting (1)

based on: New Testament (2) | Gospel of John (1) | Baptism of Jesus (1) | Gospel of Matthew (1) | Marriage at Cana (1) | Adoration of the shepherds (1)

artist: Paolo Veronese (3) | anonymous (3) | Nicolas Poussin (2) | Annibale Carracci (1) | Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1) | Titian (1) | Laurent de La Hyre (1) | Guido Reni (1) | Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1) | Jacob Jordaens (1) | Charles Le Brun (1) | Jusepe de Ribera (1) | Lorenzo Lotto (1) | Rosso Fiorentino (1) | Luca Giordano (1) | Francesco Albani (1) | Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (1) | Cornelis van Haarlem (1)

location: Salle des États (7) | Louvre Palace (4) | Room 722 (3) | Paris (2) | Piazzetta (2) | Room 712 (2) | Room 716 (2) | Louvre Museum (1) | Goya Museum (1) | Musée Ingres (1) | Room 710 (1) | Room 817 (1) | Room 727 (1) | Room 728 (1) | Room 720 (1) | Room 721 (1) | Room 724 (1) | Room 725 (1)

part of: None (1)

country of origin: Italy (2)

exhibition history: Exposition des primitifs français (1)

main subject: Madonna and Child (4) | resurrection of Jesus (2) | crucifixion of Jesus (2) | entombment of Christ (2) | Noli me tangere (2) | Pietà (2) | Marriage at Cana (2) | Christ carrying the cross (2) | Our Lady of the Rosary (1) | Baptism of Jesus (1) | Jesus and the woman taken in adultery (1) | Virgin and Child with Saint Anne (1) | conversion of Paul the Apostle (1) | Adoration of the shepherds (1) | Cleansing of the Temple (1) | Raising of Jairus' daughter (1) | lamentation of Christ (1) | Pilate's court (1)

A Blessed Abbess Receiving the Host from the Hands of Christ

by Giovanni Battista Gaulli (1690s)
angel communion Jesus Christ lily

The Ascent to Calvary

by Giuseppe Bazzani (1750)
Jesus Christ

La Virgen del Rosario

by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1650)
woman child Virgin Mary Jesus Christ prayer beads

Madonna and Child

by Girolamo Romanino (1507)
Jesus Christ laurel tree Passion symbol None Virgin Mary Child Jesus

Christ Giving the Keys to St. Peter

by Guido Reni (1620s)
Jesus Christ column broad-leaved tree building Peter apostle key

The Baptism of Christ

by Cornelis van Haarlem (1588)
man nudity Holy Spirit landscape back Huequitos para Andrea buttocks intergluteal cleft waist white hair blond baptism Jordan River tree standing sitting beard brown hair chestnut hair umbilicus nipple group of humans chignon aerial perspective pigeon shore barefoot John the Baptist Jesus Christ sole malleolus pigtail

Le Christ au désert servi par les anges

by Charles Le Brun (1653)
angel drink domestic worker flower Jesus Christ

Christ with the Woman Taken in Adultery

by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (1751)
headgear woman man Jesus Christ

Christ Giving the Keys to Paradise to St. Peter

by Giambattista Pittoni (1730)
Jesus Christ Peter

Boulbon Altarpiece

altarpiece / painting
by anonymous (1450)
Jesus Christ Avignon canon tomb

The Holy Family with Saint John and Saint Elizabeth in a Landscape

by Nicolas Poussin (1650s)
Jesus Christ Virgin Mary John the Apostle Elizabeth

Christ Appears to the Three Marys

by Laurent de La Hyre (17th century)
Jesus Christ Virgin Mary Mary Magdalena angel Marie Jacobé landscape broad-leaved tree

The Holy Trinity Adored by a Gathering of Saints

by anonymous (18th century)
Jesus Christ God

The Entombment of Christ

by Titian (1520)
Mary Magdalena woman long hair Virgin Mary Jesus Christ man

Jesus Driving the Merchants from the Temple

by Jacob Jordaens (1647s)
Cleansing of the Temple market livestock cage dog Jesus Christ merchant donkey cow domestic sheep pigeon

The Lamentation of Christ

by Jaume Huguet (1440s)
Jesus Christ John the Apostle Nicodemus Joseph of Arimathea ladder Christian cross landscape

The Road to Calvary

by Francesco Bassano the Younger (1572)
Jesus Christ

The Raising of Jairus' daughter

by Paolo Veronese (1546s)
Jesus Christ

Jesus Returning the Keys to St. Peter

by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1820)
Keys of Heaven Peter Jesus Christ

Resurrection of Christ

by Annibale Carracci (1593)
Jesus Christ man

The Holy Family with Saint John Saint Elizabeth and Saint Joseph Praying

by Nicolas Poussin (1656s)
Jesus Christ Virgin Mary John the Apostle Elizabeth Joseph

Entombment of Christ

by Giulio Cesare Amidano (17th century)
Jesus Christ

Conversion of St Paul on the Road to Damascus

by Hans Speckaert (16th century)
horse religious conversion cuirass Jesus Christ soldier Paul fear beatific vision

Christ before Pilate

by Taddeo Kuntze (18th century)
Jesus Christ Pontius Pilatus

Resurrection of Christ

by Giovanni Baglione (1602s)
resurrection of Jesus Colours, standards and guidons angel musical instrument soldier sleep fear Jesus Christ

Noli me tangere

by Francesco Albani (1620)
Jesus Christ Mary Magdalena

The Wedding at Cana

by Paolo Veronese (1563)
wedding Banquete miracles of Jesus Jesus Christ man dog domestic worker crock table musician viol violin architecture palace column capital entablature sculpture in the round frieze balustrade terrace clothing in the ancient world Titian Jacopo Tintoretto Jacopo Bassano Andrea Palladio sitting disguise painter architect standing Francis I of France Charles V Suleiman the Magnificent sky cloud campanile Marriage at Cana

The Deposition

by Jean Jouvenet (1697)
Jesus Christ

The Foundation Mass of the Trinitarian Order

by Juan Carreño de Miranda (1666)
mass Trinitarian Order John of Matha altar angel musical instrument God sitting Regalia Jesus Christ Holy Spirit pigeon religious servant terrace Trinity meeting

Madonna and Child with Saint Anna

by anonymous (16th century)
basket maternal bond portico landscape Virgin Mary Jesus Christ Saint Anne Madonna and Child

Madonna and child with Saint John the Baptist

by Jean-Baptiste Blanchard (1640)
Virgin Mary Jesus Christ John the Baptist Simeon woman man


by Paolo Veronese (1584s)
Jesus Christ crucifixion of Jesus Virgin Mary collapse Jerusalem John the Apostle Mary Magdalena

Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalene

by Luca Giordano (1686)
Jesus Christ Mary Magdalena

The Carrying of the Cross

by Lorenzo Lotto (1526)
Jesus Christ man


by Rosso Fiorentino (1537)
Virgin Mary woman Jesus Christ man

Dead Christ Supported by Angels

by Francesco Trevisani (1707s)
Jesus Christ

The Wedding at Cana

by Leandro Bassano (17th century)
Jesus Christ Marriage at Cana

Christ on the Cross, Mary, Mary Magdelene, Saint John and Saint Francis of Paola

by Nicolas Tournier (1628)
Jesus Christ Virgin Mary Mary Magdalena John the Apostle Francis of Paola

Saint Denis Altarpiece

painting / reredos
by Jean Malouel (1416)
Jesus Christ man God the Father Saint Denis martyr decapitation angel Eucharist

Adoration of the Shepherds

by Jusepe de Ribera (1650)
Jesus Christ Virgin Mary herder landscape