depicts: Jesus Christ / material used: canvas / country of origin: Italy / instance of: painting / main subject: Noli me tangere

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genre: religious art (2)

based on: Gospel of John (1)

artist: Antonio da Correggio (1) | Francesco Albani (1)

collection: Museo del Prado (1) | Department of Paintings of the Louvre (1)

location: Museo del Prado (1) | Room 716 (1)

Noli me tangere

by Francesco Albani (1620)
Jesus Christ Mary Magdalena

Noli me tangere

by Antonio da Correggio (1523)
Mary Magdalena woman long hair Jesus Christ man male toplessness clothed female, naked male barefoot blond chestnut hair kneeling standing umbilicus dress sandal tree beard sky hoe cloud