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instance of: painting (9) | study (1)

genre: religious art (5)

artist: Henry Ossawa Tanner (2) | William Merritt Chase (1) | Kenyon Cox (1) | Albert Pinkham Ryder (1) | John La Farge (1) | John Ritto Penniman (1) | José Campeche (1) | Lawrence W. Ladd (1)

material used: oil paint (6) | canvas (5) | graphite (1) | paper (1) | panel (1) | watercolor paint (1)

main subject: crucifixion of Jesus (1)

San Jose y el Cristo nino

by José Campeche (1794)
Jesus Christ religion man

Christ and the Pharisees

by Lawrence W. Ladd (1880)
Jesus Christ Pharisees man interior space


by William Merritt Chase (1875s)
Jesus Christ crucifixion of Jesus man nudity

Christ Appearing to Mary

by Albert Pinkham Ryder (1885)
Jesus Christ Mary Magdalena

Study for "Christ"

by Kenyon Cox (1905)
Jesus Christ landscape

Visit of Nicodemus to Christ

by John La Farge (1880)
Nicodemus Jesus Christ

Christ Tempted by the Devil

by John Ritto Penniman (1818)
Jesus Christ Satan angel rock

Study for Christ and Nicodemus on a Rooftop

painting / study
by Henry Ossawa Tanner (1923s)
Nicodemus Jesus Christ

Study, Christ Washing the Feet of the Disciples

by Henry Ossawa Tanner (2nd millennium)
group of humans Jesus Christ washing religious painting