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instance of: statue (3) | painting (3) | sculpture (1) | Stone icons (1)

movement: Baroque (1)

genre: religious art (3) | equestrian statue (1)

artist: Dhione Barboza (1) | Andreas Schweigel (1) | Cornelis Engebrechtsz. (1) | Philip Jackson (1) | Grazio Cossali (1) | Paolo da Caylina il Giovane (1)

material used: bronze (2) | soapstone (1) | gold leaf (1)

collection: Bavarian State Painting Collections (1) | Duomo vecchio (1) | Church of the Holy Cross (1)

location: St. Peter's Basilica (1) | Basilica of San Lorenzo (1) | Duomo vecchio (1) | Church of the Holy Cross (1) | National Polatsk Historical and Cultural Open-air Museum (1) | Kostel Panny Marie Sedmibolestné a Povýšení svatého Kříže na Cvilíně (1) | locations of the Alte Pinakothek with works not on display (1)

fabrication method: gilding (1)

Канстанцін і Алена

Stone icons
Helena Augusta Russian Orthodox cross Constantine the Great woman man

Statue of Constantine the Great, York

by Philip Jackson (1998)
Constantine the Great

Appearance of the Cross to Constantine

by Grazio Cossali (1606)
Constantine the Great apparition

Svatá Helena a svatý Konstantin

by Andreas Schweigel
Helena Augusta Constantine the Great

[no title]

by Paolo da Caylina il Giovane (1514)
Constantine the Great Helena Augusta Sylvester I

Kaiser Konstantin und die hl. Helena

by Cornelis Engebrechtsz.
Helena Augusta Constantine the Great

The Vision of Constantine

by Dhione Barboza (1670)
Constantine the Great horse

Constantine Emperor's statue

Constantine the Great