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instance of: painting (163) | reredos (6) | triptych (4) | diptych (2) | altarpiece (2) | panel painting (1) | ex-voto (1) | predella (1) | cycle of paintings (1)

commissioned by: Nicolas Rolin (1) | Gregorio Correr (1) | Jean de Sedano (1)

owned by: France (4) | Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria (2) | Louis XIV of France (1) | Cardinal Mazarin (1) | Scipione Borghese (1) | Alexandre Du Sommerard (1) | Antonio Barberini (1) | Luigi d'Este (1)

movement: Flemish Primitives (7) | Italian Renaissance (7) | High Renaissance (6) | Dutch Golden Age painting (3) | Renaissance (1) | Baroque (1) | Venetian school (1) | Gothic painting (1)

based on: Madonna and Child (2) | Book of Genesis (1) | crucifixion of Jesus (1) | massacre of the Innocents (1) | Bride of Christ (1) | Saint George and the Dragon (1) | Susanna and the Elders (1)

artist: anonymous (13) | Peter Paul Rubens (5) | Rembrandt (4) | Leonardo da Vinci (3) | Raphael (3) | Pietro Perugino (3) | Giovanni Bellini (3) | Hans Memling (3) | David Teniers the Younger (3) | Fra Angelico (2) | Sandro Botticelli (2) | Fra Bartolomeo (2) | Ambrogio Bergognone (2) | Cima da Conegliano (2) | Lorenzo di Credi (2) | Guido of Siena (2) | Joos van Cleve (2) | Lorenzo Monaco (2)

depicts: Virgin Mary (41) | angel (32) | Child Jesus (30) | woman (26) | Jesus Christ (23) | man (19) | John the Baptist (16) | boy (15) | sitting (15) | mother (13) | John the Apostle (11) | book (10) | nudity (10) | column (9) | landscape (9) | broad-leaved tree (9) | Francis of Assisi (9) | Mary Magdalena (8)

location: Room 709 (30) | Room 710 (29) | Room 800 (19) | in Painting's depot of the Musée du Louvre or in temporary movement (10) | Salon Carré (9) | Louvre Palace (8) | Room 712 (5) | Room 818 (4) | Paris (3) | Salle des États (3) | Room 817 (3) | Room 731 (3) | Room 832 (3) | Room 811 (3) | Room 844 (3) | Room 839 (3) | Mauritshuis (2) | Badia Ardenga (2)

part of: Assumption (2) | Dossale di Badia Ardenga (2) | Predella of the triptych of the beheading of John the Baptist, crucifixion of Christ, and Saint James (2) | Virgin of the rocks (1) | predella (1) | San Zeno Altarpiece (1) | Roverella Altarpiece (1) | Life of Esther (1) | The Madonna and Child Surrounded by Six Angels, St. Anthony of Padua, St. John the Evangelist (1) | Diptych of Jan du Cellier (1) | None (1)

country of origin: Italy (3)

exhibition history: Prayers and Portraits, Unfolding the Netherlandish Diptych (2) | Exposition des primitifs français (2) | The Europe of Rubens (1) | Renaissance (1) | Exposition des primitifs flamands à Bruges (1) | Francis I and the art of the Netherlands (1)

main subject: Madonna and Child (30) | crucifixion of Jesus (11) | Pietà (7) | Nativity of Jesus (6) | Holy Family (5) | Presentation of Jesus at the Temple (4) | Sacra Conversazione (4) | Coronation of the Virgin (4) | lamentation of Christ (4) | Adoration of the Magi (3) | Susanna and the Elders (3) | Jesus Christ (2) | Jerome (2) | Annunciation (2) | Marriage at Cana (2) | fall of man (2) | Flagellation of Christ (2) | Binding of Isaac (2)

location of final assembly: Florence (1) | Parma (1)

fabrication method: grisaille (2)

The Adoration of the Child

by Francesco Francia (15th century)
angel Nativity of Jesus

Triptych of the Resurrection

painting / triptych / reredos
by Hans Memling (1490)
resurrection of Jesus soldier sleep angel landscape path garland Saint Sebastian martyr arrow Feast of the Ascension

The crucifixion

by Master of the Pesaro Crucifix

The Carrying of the Cross

by Biagio d'Antonio (16th century)
Holy Face of Jesus Saint Veronica

St. Peter

by Lippo Memmi (1330s)
beard key book Peter

Saint Jerome in the Desert

by Joachim Patinir (1517s)
Jerome hermit tent desert rock mountain broad-leaved tree

Three Scenes from the Story of Esther

by Filippino Lippi (1470s)
bedroom Esther Haman tear bed Mordecai soldier hanging syncope throne

Triptych of the Sedano family

triptych / painting
by Gerard David (1492s)
Holy Family John the Baptist John the Apostle Adam Eve Oriental rug Jean de Sedano sitting angel lute harp family boy man kneeling woman nudity

Madonna and Child

by Ugolino di Nerio (1315s)

The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Bringing Together and Protecting Humanity

by Frans Floris I (1562)
Trinity crowd Jesus Christ Holy Spirit pigeon wing landscape

Ecce Homo

by Titian (1540)
Jesus Christ

The Holy Family with St Anna

by Rembrandt (1640)
breastfeeding bassinet chimney window Joseph carpentry Holy Family

Madonna and Child with the Infant St. John

by Giulio Romano (1516s)
child John the Baptist Virgin Mary Child Jesus

Diptych of Jean Carondelet

diptych / cycle of paintings
by Jan Gossaert (1517)
Jan II Carondelet man prayer official achievement portrait at bust length skull

Madonna of Jacob Floreins

by Hans Memling (1485)
Jesus Christ Virgin Mary James Saint Dominic woman man

The Pilgrims of Emmaus

by Rembrandt (1648)

Madonna and Child

by Deodato Orlandi (1320)
angel blessing sitting throne Virgin Mary Child Jesus

Virgin and child with four angels and four saints

by Giuliano di Simone (14th century)
breastfeeding angel Eve flower musical instrument lyre mandolin Mary Magdalena Saint Nicholas Peter snake


by Luis de Morales (16th century)

The Holy Family with Sts. Francis, Anthony, Magdalene, John the Baptist and Elizabeth

by Bonifazio Veronese (1533s)
column Elizabeth child broad-leaved tree Francis of Assisi John the Baptist Mary Magdalena mountain Holy Family Anthony the Great


by Cosimo Tura (1474s)

Moïse sauvé des eaux

by Adriaen van der Werff (1722)

Tobias and the Angel

by Salvator Rosa (17th century)
angel Tobias

Madonna and Child

by Alesso Baldovinetti (1464s)
balustrade hill house landscape Virgin Mary Child Jesus

Madonna and Child

by Barnaba da Modena (1370s)
breastfeeding Virgin Mary Child Jesus

The Temptation of Saint Anthony

by Pieter Huys (1547)
devil woman broad-leaved tree landscape city beatific vision Anthony the Great


by Lorenzo di Credi (1475)
Virgin Mary woman Annunciation


by Lorenzo Monaco (1387s)


by Bartolomeo Bulgarini (1350s)
horse crucifixion of Jesus equestrianism soldier


by Rembrandt (1636)
Susanna woman nudity washing

Coronation of the Virgin

by Master of Santa Verdiana (1380s)
angel Coronation of the Virgin Jesus Christ

Coronation of the Virgin

by Zanobi Machiavelli (1474)

Madonna and Child with Saints

by Hans Memling (1490)
angel Saint Barbara Catherine of Alexandria broad-leaved tree Margaret the Virgin sitting

The Holy Family with St. Anna and the Infant St. John the Baptist

by Agnolo Bronzino (1572)
architecture château hill child John the Baptist bird apple Holy Family

The Ascension

by anonymous (14th century)

The Coronation of the Virgin

by Michael Sittow (1496s)
Jesus Christ God angel cloud

Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist and St. Mary Magdelene

by Simone dei Crocifissi (1360s)
Mary Magdalena Virgin Mary Child Jesus John the Baptist

The Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine of Siena

by Fra Bartolomeo (1511)
Virgin Mary woman Child Jesus boy mother Catherine of Siena

The Small Round Pietà

by anonymous (15th century)

Madonna and Child with St Dorothy

by David Teniers the Younger (1656)
Virgin Mary Child Jesus Dorothea of Caesarea basket sitting

The Coronation of the Virgin

by Vitale da Bologna (1340s)
Coronation of the Virgin saint

The Virgin Appearing to Saint Luke and Saint Yves

by Jacopo da Empoli (1579)
angel Luke the Evangelist beatific vision

The Virgin and Child with Saint Catherine and Saint Barbara

by Ambrosius Benson (1530)
grape Saint Barbara Catherine of Alexandria public lecture book clothing bijou landscape forest village mountain Virgin Mary Child Jesus

Madonna with Child

by anonymous (1492s)
Child Jesus nudity Virgin Mary Madonna and Child

The Angel of the Lord Preventing Abraham from Sacrificing his Son Isaac

by Pieter Lastman (1616)
angel Isaac night sacrifice