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donated by: Paul Mellon (1) | Antonio Muñoz Degrain (1)

location of final assembly: The Hague (1)

published in: European Paintings: An Illustrated Catalogue (1) | Flower Still Lifes from the Netherlands and Belgium 1870-1940 (1) | Van Gogh's Flowers (1) | Van Gogh: Face to Face. The Portraits (1) | Vincent's Gardens: Paintings and Drawings by Van Gogh (1)

A country home

by Jan van der Heyden (2nd millennium)
tree house

The failed Attack on Antwerp by Prince Maurice, 17 May 1605

by anonymous (17th century)
boat house

A painting on a harpsichord lid with a hilly landscape and travelers

by Gerard van der Horst (1625)
tree house

The Amsterdam Outer Canal near the Leidsepoort Seen from the Theatre

by Johannes Jelgerhuis (1813)
house tree

Paysage à la chèvre

by Antoine Watteau (1716s)
mountain waterfall house vegetation

Hilly landscape with peasant cottage

by Cornelis van Zwieten (1653)
house tree

The church of St. Severin in Cologne in a fantasy setting

by Jan van der Heyden (17th century)
tree Basilica of St. Severin house

The Zuiderhavendijk, Enkhuizen

by Cornelis Springer (1868)
house tree

Landscape at Kortenhoef

by Paul Joseph Constantin Gabriël (1877)
tree road bridge river house duck

Banks of the Tiber

by Antonio Muñoz Degrain (1893)
Tiber bonfire tree house

Paris, le pont Marie et le quai des Célestins

by Johan Jongkind (1874)
Paris bridge Seine railway platform house tree boat equestrian human cloud Sun Pont Marie quai des Célestins landscape

The Virgin and Child with Saints and Donor

by Gerard David (1510s)
Virgin Mary Jesus Christ throne Catherine of Alexandria dog crown house donor

Farms on the Fringe of a Wood

by Egbert van Drielst (1812)
house tree

Une maison rustique

by Egbert van der Poel (17th century)
breastfeeding inn drink cart dog child woman broad-leaved tree man house hen barrel None

Madonna and Child

by Alesso Baldovinetti (1464s)
balustrade hill house landscape Virgin Mary Child Jesus

Winter landscape with farmhouse

by Esaias van de Velde (1624)
winter farm ice skating house tree sky thatching bird man woman child game sled bridge watercourse ice hat ice skate body of water snow

The Gevangenpoort, The Hague

by Johannes Adrianus van der Drift (1825s)
Gevangenpoort snow house

View of Herteveld near the Vecht river, Utrecht

by Jan van der Heyden (18th century)
horse dog Holland house park landscape portal

La rivière

by Léon Germain Pelouse (1882)
pond grove house bank rock cloud Rochefort-en-Terre landscape

The Rhine at Emmerich with St. Martin's Church

by Jan van der Heyden (18th century)
Germany barque house landscape Rhine

Rue de la Colonne brûlée à Constantinople

by Fabius Brest (1860)
dog échoppe Istanbul house mosque landscape street Turkey

The Hunters in the Snow

by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1565)
winter snow hunter hunting dog dog collar game raven house fox inn fire cuisine valley river meander watermill ice skating ice curling ice hockey lake bridge bell tower mountain sky spear chimney bird


by Claude de Jongh (1633)

The Knife-grinder

by David Teniers the Younger (1640s)
man knife grinder knife machine house

Village on the Bank of a River

by Joseph van Bredael (1723)
tree boat house

Le petit pont

by Gillis Rombouts (17th century)
tree canal dog house landscape bridge

Winter landscape with skaters

by Hendrick Avercamp (1608)
winter ice skating ice body of water sky snow tree house

River view

by anonymous (1635)
house boat

Inner Courtyard

by Andreas Schelfhout (19th century)

Bridge near Toledo

by Marius Bauer (1903)

Pâtres et Cheval pie

by Karel Dujardin (1675)
horse broad-leaved tree man Italy house landscape

Hilly landscape

by Pieter Stalpaert (1635)
tree house

Cheval d'amazone sous un porche

by Pieter Cornelisz Verbeeck (1630)
horse house

The Tree of Jesse

by anonymous (1500)
Isai tree Virgin Mary Jesus Christ David Salomon peacock wall house nun rosary sceptre harp robe angel hortus conclusus tower book

Le vieux puits

by Willem Kalf
watering can fruit vegetable house landscape well ruins

City view

by Jacob Vrel (17th century)

Naked Young Woman in Front of the Mirror

by Giovanni Bellini (1515)
bedroom wall window mirror woman nudity sitting long hair chestnut hair headgear specular reflection vase house hill mountain sky cloud sunset twilight washing umbilicus part mirror image

Summer Day

painting / study
by Johan Hendrik Weissenbruch (2nd millennium)
rural area canal pasture grass house pumping station polder barque sky cloud summer boat tree

Two Sailboats on a River with Cattle on the Riverbank

by Jan van Goyen (1647)
barque livestock house cloud landscape sailing ship

Madonna with child and saints

painting / triptych
by anonymous (1450)
angel Saint Christopher Saint George St. Julian of Brioude bed house disease Martin I saint

Ice Skating

by Hendrick Avercamp (1610)
winter body of water ice ice skating barque house tree bird thatching vertical-lift bridge boat sky snow windmill

Square in Xanten, with the Church of St. Victor beyond

by Jan van der Heyden (18th century)
Germany house landscape square Xanten

River view

by Joost Cornelisz Droochsloot (1650)
house boat tree


by Jan van der Heyden (18th century)
path broad-leaved tree house oratory landscape peasant

Velhas Arcadas (Faculdade de Direito de São Paulo)

by Adrien Henri Vital van Emelen (20th century)
house window arch Law School, University of São Paulo