material used: canvas / main subject: crucifixion of Jesus / commissioned by: Nikolaas Rockox / genre: religious art / instance of: painting

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artist: Peter Paul Rubens (1)

depicts: Jesus Christ (1) | Virgin Mary (1) | man (1) | Mary Magdalena (1) | Mary of Clopas (1) | Joseph of Arimathea (1) | Nicodemus (1) | crucifixion (1)

collection: Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (1) | Flemish Art Collection (1)

location: Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (1)

Christ on the Cross, so-called "Le coup de lance"

by Peter Paul Rubens (1620)
Jesus Christ man crucifixion of Jesus crucifixion Mary of Clopas Virgin Mary Mary Magdalena Joseph of Arimathea Nicodemus