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instance of: painting (9) | triptych (1)

owned by: Mary of Hungary (1)

movement: Flemish Primitives (3)

based on: Madonna and Child (1)

artist: Fra Angelico (1) | Andrea Mantegna (1) | Rogier van der Weyden (1) | Hans Memling (1) | Dieric Bouts (1) | Gian-Francesco de Maineri (1) | Luis de Morales (1) | Jaime Serra (1) | Juan Correa de Vivar (1)

country of origin: Italy (2) | Spain (1)

main subject: Madonna and Child (3) | Annunciation (2) | Adoration of the Magi (2) | Visitation (1) | Death of the Virgin Mary (1) | Descent from the Cross (1)

The Adoration of the Magi

by Luis de Morales (16th century)
Child Jesus Virgin Mary Joseph biblical Magi

Holy Family

by Gian-Francesco de Maineri
Virgin Mary Joseph Child Jesus

Madonna with Child

by Jaime Serra (1359)
Virgin Mary woman mother Child Jesus boy

The Descent from the Cross

by Rogier van der Weyden (1435)
Jesus Christ Nicodemus Joseph of Arimathea crucifixion of Jesus ladder Mary of Clopas John the Evangelist Salome Mary Magdalena skull Jesus, King of the Jews Virgin Mary

Triptych of the Virgin's Life

painting / triptych
by Dieric Bouts (1440s)
Virgin Mary Jesus Christ angel biblical Magi adoration Child Jesus Annunciation

Altarpiece of the Annunciation

by Juan Correa de Vivar (1559)
Annunciation angel Virgin Mary

Virgin and Child with two angels

by Hans Memling (1480s)
Virgin Mary Child Jesus

Madonna of the Pomegranate

by Fra Angelico (1426)
Virgin Mary Child Jesus angel pomegranate

Death of the Virgin

by Andrea Mantegna (1462)
Virgin Mary woman