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instance of: painting (10) | artwork copy (1)

commissioned by: Philip II of Spain (1) | Philip IV of Spain (1)

owned by: Antonio Pérez (1)

movement: Venetian school (4) | mannerism (1)

genre: nude (8) | mythological painting (5) | religious art (4) | portrait (1) | allegory (1)

based on: Book of Genesis (2) | Metamorphoses (1) | Milky Way (1) | Yusuf and Zulaikha (1) | The Fall of Man (1)

artist: Peter Paul Rubens (3) | Titian (3) | Annibale Carracci (1) | Antonio da Correggio (1) | Jacopo Tintoretto (1) | Karel van Mander I (1) | Marià Fortuny (1)

part of the series: Danaë (1)

country of origin: Italy (4) | Spain (1)

main subject: fall of man (2) | Noli me tangere (1)

fabrication method: oil painting (1)

The Fall of Man

by Titian (1550)
Adam Eve sitting standing tree of the knowledge of good and evil nudity umbilicus beard long hair brown hair breast couple woman man serpent in the Bible fox

The Fall of Man

painting / artwork copy
by Peter Paul Rubens (1599)
Adam Eve nudity tree of the knowledge of good and evil sitting standing umbilicus beard long hair pubic hair woman man serpent in the Bible parrot couple fall of man

Joseph and Potiphar's Wife

by Jacopo Tintoretto (1555)
Joseph man woman nudity seduction clothed male, naked female canopy bed lying standing necklace drapery Zuleika glabrousness umbilicus breast pillow bedroom Potiphar's wife

Venus, Adonis and Cupid

by Annibale Carracci (1590)
Adonis Venus Aphrodite man woman couple nudity Eros rural area Cupid umbilicus breast clothed male, naked female hunting dog bow chignon bird's wing sitting standing

The Origin of the Milky Way

by Peter Paul Rubens (1637s)
Milky Way Juno Hera human breast milk Heracles Hercules Zeus Jupiter peacock breastfeeding overweight nudity veil halo earring necklace bracelet breast nipple umbilicus lactation lightning eagle chariot sky star pearl blond beard peacock

The Three Graces

by Peter Paul Rubens (1639)
Charites woman nudity vespaio contrapposto standing long hair blond chestnut hair brown hair chignon garland flower rural area fountain broad-leaved tree Huequitos para Andrea sky pearl earring Apis mellifera umbilicus steatopygia glabrousness buttocks intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus mons pubis


by Titian (1553)
Danaë nudity umbilicus lying sitting blond long hair earring bracelet bed pillow dog elderly dress apron coif drapery sky cloud armpit woman

Nude Old Man in the Sun

by Marià Fortuny (1871)
man old age nudity beard elderly white hair umbilicus

Venus and Music

by Titian (1547)
Victor Venus Aphrodite woman half reclining bed blond necklace bracelet earring dog drapery man Jordi Raventós sitting sword handlebar moustache brown hair music positive organ organist garden fountain tree sky cloud statue overweight gaze profil perdu umbilicus glabrousness organ pipe

Noli me tangere

by Antonio da Correggio (1523)
Mary Magdalena woman long hair Jesus Christ man male toplessness clothed female, naked male barefoot blond chestnut hair kneeling standing umbilicus dress sandal tree beard sky hoe cloud