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instance of: painting (11)

genre: religious art (3) | genre art (1) | mythological painting (1) | interior view (1)

based on: Metamorphoses (1)

artist: David Teniers the Younger (5) | Jan Brueghel the Elder (1) | Cornelius van Poelenburgh (1) | Luis Paret y Alcázar (1) | Adam Elsheimer (1) | Alessandro Allori (1) | Frans Francken the Younger (1) | Hendrick de Clerck (1) | anonymous (1)

depicts: monkey (1) | Woman with a Mirror (1) | Ceres (1) | Tower of Babel (1) | Anthony the Great (1) | David Teniers the Younger (1) | Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria (1) | Laura (1) | The Three Philosophers (1) | grotto (1) | people (1) | painting (1) | Saint Margaret (1) | The Circumcision of Christ (1) | Danaë (1) | Rest on the Flight into Egypt (1) | Violante (1) | art collection (1)

part of: Series of paintings on the temptations of Saint Anthony the Great (1)

main subject: Tower of Babel (1) | Descent from the Cross (1) | Temptation of Saint Anthony (1)

The Tower of Babel

by Frans Francken the Younger (17th century)
Tower of Babel

María de las Nieves Micaela Fourdinier, the Painter's Wife

by Luis Paret y Alcázar (1782s)

Ceres in the House of Hecuba

by Adam Elsheimer (1605)

Descent from the Cross

by Alessandro Allori (1560)

The Monkey Sculptor

by David Teniers the Younger (1660)

La Abundancia y los Cuatro Elementos

by Jan Brueghel the Elder (1610)

Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Gallery

by David Teniers the Younger (17th century)
painting art collection Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria Portrait of Francesco Donato Diana and Callisto Nymph and shepherd Danaë Saint Margaret Woman with a Mirror Saint Luke painting the Virgin Violante Left panel San Cassiano Altarpiece Infantin Isabella Clara Eugenia (1566-1633), portrait as a widow Christ and the Adulteress The Three Philosophers Young Woman in Green Dress Laura Adoration of the Kings The Circumcision of Christ Judith with the head of Holofernes David with the Head of Goliath Penitent St. Peter Aeneas called away from Dido Aeneas Takes Leave of Dido Descent from the Cross Raising the Young Man of Nain The Good Samaritan Toilet of Venus Scipio Africanus (?) Shepherds and Sheep Saint Sebastian Central panel San Cassiano Altarpiece Venus and Cupid Tobit and the Dead Israelite (after Domenico Fetti) David Teniers the Younger Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Diana bathing with her Nymphs

by Cornelius van Poelenburgh (1624)

Village Feast

by David Teniers the Younger (17th century)

The Guard-Room

by David Teniers the Younger (17th century)

Temptation of St. Anthony

by David Teniers the Younger (1634)
Anthony the Great people grotto