collection: Museo del Prado / country of origin: France / genre: religious art

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5 artworks found

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instance of: painting (5)

movement: classicism (2)

artist: Claude Lorrain (3) | Nicolas Poussin (1) | anonymous (1)

depicts: Jesus Christ (1) | Saint Cecilia (1) | Louis I, Duke of Orléans (1)

material used: oil paint (4) | canvas (4) | tempera (1) | panel (1)

main subject: Agony in the Garden (1) | Tobias and the Angel (1)

Agony in the Garden with donor

by anonymous (1405)
Jesus Christ Louis I, Duke of Orléans

Landscape with the Burial of Saint Serapia

by Claude Lorrain (1639)

St Cecilia

by Nicolas Poussin (1627)
Saint Cecilia

Landscape with the Finding of Moses

by Claude Lorrain (1639)

Landscape with Tobias and the Angel

by Claude Lorrain (1600s)