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instance of: triptych (1) | painting (1)

commissioned by: Pieter van Os (1)

owned by: Pieter van Os (1) | F. W. Harris (1) | Charles Holden-White (1) | Gerald Kerin (1) | Arthur Kauffmann (1)

genre: religious art (2)

artist: Hans Memling (1) | Hieronymus Bosch (1)

material used: oil paint (2) | panel (2)

location of final assembly: Duchy of Brabant (1)

Ecce Homo Triptych

by Hieronymus Bosch (1496)
Pontius Pilatus man Jesus Christ cape chest crown of thorns standing robe hat weapon stairs Pieter van Os

Christ Blessing

by Hans Memling (1481)
Jesus Christ