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instance of: painting (11)

based on: View of Alkmaar (1)

artist: Martin Johnson Heade (3) | Régis François Gignoux (2) | Camille Pissarro (1) | Jacob van Ruisdael (1) | Sanford Robinson Gifford (1) | George Inness (1) | Jasper Francis Cropsey (1) | George Loring Brown (1)

material used: oil paint (11) | canvas (11) | paper (1)

country of origin: United States of America (7)

Orchids and Spray Orchids with Hummingbird

by Martin Johnson Heade (19th century)
Trochilidae Orchidaceae sky cloud tree

Mount Vesuvius from Marina Grande, Capri

by Sanford Robinson Gifford (1857)
sky cloud Mount Vesuvius Capri Marina Grande, Capri Gulf of Naples boat harbor smoke

View, Dismal Swamp, North Carolina

by Régis François Gignoux (1850)
sky cloud tree Great Dismal Swamp North Carolina swamp bird pond

Schatacook Mountain, Housatonic Valley, Connecticut

by Jasper Francis Cropsey (1845)
sky river tree hill mountain Housatonic River Connecticut field rock cloud

Winter Scene in New Jersey

by Régis François Gignoux (1847)
sky cloud river tree winter snow ice New Jersey house hut human ice skating bird

View of Alkmaar

by Jacob van Ruisdael (1675)
Alkmaar windmill ruins forest field cloud Grote or Sint-Laurenskerk

The Delafolie House, Éragny

by Camille Pissarro (1885)
fence house road equestrianism horse tree sky cloud

Lake George

by Martin Johnson Heade (1862)
Lake George sky cloud tree mountain shore boat man

Rocks in New England

by Martin Johnson Heade (1855)
New England rock tree sky cloud horizon

Sunset Landscape, Medfield

by George Inness (1861)
sunset landscape tree cloud

The Public Garden, Boston

by George Loring Brown (1869s)
sky cloud Public Garden man woman umbrella equestrian statue of George Washington streetlight