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instance of: painting (9) | quilt (1)

movement: Flemish Primitives (1)

artist: Peter Paul Rubens (1) | Rogier van der Weyden (1) | Lorenzo Lotto (1) | John Singleton Copley (1) | Carlo Crivelli (1) | Domenico Corvi (1) | Fra Carnevale (1) | Giovanni Battista Bertucci (1) | anonymous (1) | Harriet Powers (1)

material used: oil paint (4) | canvas (2) | wood (1) | paper (1) | tempera (1) | chalk (1) | panel (1) | cotton (1) | tabby (1)

exhibition history: Exposition des primitifs flamands à Bruges (1)

main subject: Madonna and Child (2) | Sacra Conversazione (1) | Holy Family (1) | Coronation of the Virgin (1) | presentation of Mary (1) | Saint Luke painting the Virgin (1) | lamentation of Christ (1)

fabrication method: embroidery (1) | quilting (1) | appliqué (1) | piecing (1)

The Holy Family

by Giovanni Battista Bertucci
Jesus Christ Virgin Mary Joseph

Virgin and Child

by Domenico Corvi
Virgin Mary Jesus Christ sitting chair robe

The Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple

by Fra Carnevale (1443)
Virgin Mary woman

Death of the Virgin Mary of Košátky

by anonymous (1340s)
Virgin Mary Jesus Christ bell

Lamentation over the Dead Christ

by Carlo Crivelli (1485)
Mary Magdalena woman long hair Virgin Mary Jesus Christ man part

Pictorial Quilt

by Harriet Powers (1895s)
Job serpent Moses Adam Eve Garden of Eden Sun Moon God John the Baptist Baptism of Jesus Holy Spirit Columbidae Jonah whale turtle Leonids dromedary elephant lion northern giraffe angel Seven bowls The Beast woman man cold icicle mule bird crucifixion of Jesus Virgin Mary New England's Dark Day

Coronation of the Virgin

by Peter Paul Rubens (1640)
woman Virgin Mary coronation cherub

Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin

by Rogier van der Weyden (1435)
woman Child Jesus boy Virgin Mary mother Luke the Evangelist

Study for the Head of the Virgin (in the Nativity)

by John Singleton Copley (1777)
Virgin Mary

Virgin and Child with Saints Jerome and Nicholas of Tolentino

by Lorenzo Lotto (1523)
Virgin Mary woman Child Jesus boy mother Jerome Nicholas of Tolentino