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instance of: painting (4)

genre: landscape art (2) | marine art (1) | architectural view (1)

artist: Thomas Birch (1) | Sanford Robinson Gifford (1) | Martin Johnson Heade (1) | George Loring Brown (1)

country of origin: United States of America (4)

New York Harbor

by Thomas Birch (19th century)
ship boat sea

Mount Vesuvius from Marina Grande, Capri

by Sanford Robinson Gifford (1857)
sky cloud Mount Vesuvius Capri Marina Grande, Capri Gulf of Naples boat harbor smoke

Monte Pellegrino at Palermo, Italy

by George Loring Brown (1856)
sky cloud Palermo horizon Mount Pellegrino sailboat sailing ship building city walls church building house harbor garden sculpture boat barque human oar

Lake George

by Martin Johnson Heade (1862)
Lake George sky cloud tree mountain shore boat man