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instance of: painting (4) | triptych (2) | polyptych (2) | reredos (1)

genre: religious art (1)

artist: Gerard David (1) | Pieter Coecke van Aelst (1) | Jan Provoost (1) | Michiel Coxie (1) | Francisco Henriques (1) | Master of the Morrison Triptych (1) | Diogo de Contreiras (1)

depicts: Anthony of Padua (1) | Francis of Assisi (1)

material used: wood (1) | oil paint (1)

collection: Sacred Art Museum of Funchal (5)

Caniço´s Mother of God Chapel Altarpiece

by Diogo de Contreiras (1552)

Triptych of the Descent of the Cross

painting / reredos
by Gerard David (1510s)

Triptych of the Ribeira Brava Matrix Church

triptych / painting
by Master of the Morrison Triptych (1510s)

Triptych of James the Less and S. Philip

by Pieter Coecke van Aelst

Triptych of the Calheta Matrix Church

by Jan Provoost (1520s)
Francis of Assisi Anthony of Padua

The Virgen with the Child, Saint Benedict and Saint Bernard

by Francisco Henriques

Flemish Polyptych of the Saint Anthony Altar

by Michiel Coxie