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instance of: painting (67) | statue (3) | polyptych (2) | bust (1)

owned by: France (1) | Rennes (1)

movement: academic art (1)

genre: genre art (14) | religious art (12) | still life (8) | three-quarter portait (7) | history painting (6) | landscape art (5) | half-length portrait (5) | portrait (4) | mythological painting (4) | allegory (3) | nude (2) | interior view (2) | portrait at bust length (1) | trompe-l'œil (1) | vanitas (1) | cityscape (1) | figure painting (1) | full-length portrait (1)

based on: Metamorphoses (1) | Know thyself (1) | death of Cleopatra (1)

artist: Évariste Vital Luminais (3) | Jean Valette-Penot (3) | Paul Gauguin (2) | Jacob Jordaens (2) | Gustave Caillebotte (2) | Lippo di Benivieni (2) | Rembrandt (1) | Peter Paul Rubens (1) | Paolo Veronese (1) | Laurent de La Hyre (1) | Théobald Michau (1) | Guido Reni (1) | Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot (1) | Peter Lely (1) | Georges de La Tour (1) | Émile Bernard (1) | Charles Le Brun (1) | Aelbert Cuyp (1)

depicts: woman (20) | man (19) | broad-leaved tree (10) | horse (8) | landscape (8) | soldier (8) | book (6) | dog (5) | Rennes (5) | nudity (5) | tapestry (5) | cow (5) | sky (4) | house (4) | cloud (4) | breast (4) | tree (4) | sword (4)

material used: oil paint (61) | canvas (49) | wood (11) | tempera (3) | gold (2) | plaster (2) | canvas (2) | copper (1) | marble (1) | paint (1) | cardboard (1) | board (1)

collection: Musée d'Orsay (5) | Department of Paintings of the Louvre (4) | Musée d'art et d'histoire de Saint-Brieuc (2) | Luxembourg Museum (1) | Musée de l'Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (1)

part of: The Denial of Saint Peter (1)

country of origin: Italy (1)

exhibition history: Corps et Ombres (3) | None (3) | 1873 Vienna World's Fair (1) | Salon of 1822 (1) | Salon of 1868 (1) | Salon of 1881 (1) | Salon of 1870 (1) | L'invention du passé. Histoires de cœur et d'épée en Europe, 1802-1850 (1) | Le Siècle de Rubens dans les collections publiques françaises (1) | Salon of 1891 (1) | Salon of 1836 (1) | Salon of 1882 (1) | Salon of 1888 (1) | Le "Talisman" de Sérusier : Une prophétie de la couleur (1)

main subject: hunting (2) | crucifixion of Jesus (1) | Denial of Peter (1) | Saint Luke painting the Virgin (1) | Madonna and Child (1) | Descent from the Cross (1) | Finding of Moses (1) | pont de l'Europe (1) | death of Cleopatra (1) | Bathsheba at her bath (1)

fabrication method: oil painting (1)

Trompe-l'œil à la statuette d'Hercule

by Jean Valette-Penot (18th century)
bottle scientific instrument seashell statue knife container rack of shelves Heracles Bivalvia metal natural science

Venus Bringing Weapons to Aeneas

by Antoine Coypel (1699)
Venus Aeneas man angel broad-leaved tree helmet cuirass sword shield weapon nudity

The Museum of Rennes in around 1900

by Édouard-Charles Hulton (1900)
Museum of Fine Arts of Rennes The Newborn Wolf Hunting Descent from the Cross museum painting statue Rennes art of painting

Peaches and Grapes

by Charlotte Vignon (1660s)
peach grape

The Suicid of Porcia

by Guido Reni (17th century)
woman clothing in the ancient world bijou container fire tapestry Porcia Catonis coal hairstyle Porcia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Mort du général Beaupuy

by Alexandre Bloch (1888)
soldier Michel de Beaupuy general officer death house stairs pistol firearm sword

Christoph Colombus discovers America

by Francesco Solimena (1715)
boat man Americas navigator Earth

Wolf Hunting

by Alexandre-François Desportes (1725)
wolf hunting dog

Study for Le Pont de l'Europe

by Gustave Caillebotte (1876)
Paris man pont de l'Europe metal bridge

Mariage de l'Électeur de Brandebourg

by Johannes Mytens (1646)
wedding Countess Louise Henriette of Nassau Frederick William standing man woman nobility château tapestry chandelier marriage

Italian Landscape

by Jean-Achille Benouville (19th century)
river mountain snow tower Italy landscape

Perseus Freeing Andromeda

by Paolo Veronese (1577)
Perseus Andromeda Ceto damsel in distress woman toplessness prisoner chain blond standing umbilicus breast rock shore sea monster man flight sword city/town clothed male, naked female sea sky cloud pigtail chain nudity city

Scene from the Chouannerie

by Auguste-Émile Bellet (19th century)
death man peasant rebellion monumental cross soldier firearm rock broad-leaved tree Chouannerie wood

The Newborn

by Georges de La Tour (1645s)
Virgin Mary Child Jesus Saint Anne candle woman man angel domestic worker dress coif maternal bond lighting

Moïse sauvé des eaux

by Adriaen van der Werff (1722)

Drinkers in a Tavern

by Adriaen van Ostade (1670s)
man drinking peasant

Les pins de Plédéliac

by Alexandre Ségé (1873s)
heath pine tree hill Plédéliac human landscape

Le Christ aux outrages

by Hendrick ter Brugghen (1625)
executioner crown of thorns sitting

Alexander the Great Giving Campaspe to Apelles

by Charles Meynier (1822)
Alexander the Great soldier Campaspe enslaved person slavery obedience Apelles painter fauteuil painting tapestry palette carpet flower studio lyre nudity putto helmet veil breast


by Jacob Jordaens (1620s)
The Three Marys John the Apostle

Trompe-l’œil à la gravure de Sarrabat

by Jean Valette-Penot (19th century)
eyeglasses print magnifying glass book compass letter painting bijou palette man dog

Bathsheba at her toilet, seen by King David

by Rembrandt (1632)
Bathsheba woman washing pedicure sitting tree rural area palace blond shoulder back breast nipple shirt earring necklace pearl bouquet barefoot sole toe Pince-nez domestic worker veil elderly sky kneeling drapery

The Flight of St Winwaloe and King Gradlon

by Évariste Vital Luminais (1884s)
Winwaloe Gradlon king horse sea wind wave Dahut woman Brittany

Gourlaouen, pêcheur de Pont-Aven

by Achille Granchi-Taylor (1911)

Barques de pêche à Dieppe

by Marie-Auguste Flameng (1881)
sea sailboat Dieppe sky cloud landscape fishing sailing ship

The yellow tree

by Émile Bernard (1888)
tree broad-leaved tree landscape

Know Thyself: Youth between Vice and Vertu

by Jacob Jordaens (17th century)
woman necklace hourglass vice virtue hairstyle pearl


by Alexandre Jacques Chantron (1891)
Danaë nudity tapestry cloud woman

Mademoiselle de la Vallière and Her Children

by Peter Lely (17th century)
Louise de La Vallière partitur organ tapestry singing music recorder child angel pipe organ

Portrait d'homme

by Frans Pourbus the Younger (17th century)
man beard moustache

Still life with a squirrel and a parrot

by Jacob van Es (18th century)
teacup basket lobster Oier Manzano de La cuesta walnut plum grape melon parrot

Cheval de Gaada, cheval de soumission

by Louis-Eugène Ginain (1870)
horse soldier tent equestrian military

Gaul Returning from Hunting

by Évariste Vital Luminais (19th century)
equestrian helmet man hunter dog bow broad-leaved tree cloud Wolf cadaver wolf

Cleopatra killing herself

by Claude Vignon (1645)
Cleopatra toplessness woman aspic viper crown sitting breast earring snakebite suicide blood nudity

Saint John the Evangelist

painting / polyptych
by Lippo di Benivieni (14th century)
John the Apostle book writing musician man standing portrait at bust length

Moment of Rest in the Camp

by Aelbert Cuyp (1660)
military camp tent horse soldier

The Denial of Peter

by Gerard van Honthorst (1612s)
Denial of Peter soldier card game candle flame light source Peter

The Banquet of the Gods

by Bernaert de Rijckere (1570)
banquet Twelve Olympians putto meals mandolin naiad couple lust architecture

The Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek

by Laurent de La Hyre (1629)
Abraham Melchizedek chasuble altar Eucharist tiara hat meeting soldier horse greeting

Young Girl with a Blue Ribbon

by Jean-Baptiste Greuze (18th century)
woman head hair dress

The Count of Comminges Recognizing Adélaïde

by Claudius Jacquand (1836)
Trappists cadaver prayer crosier Christian cross thurible book church building wonder

The Arcade of the Former Hôpital Saint-Yves in Rennes

by Jean-Jacques Monanteuil (20th century)
arcade hospital street Rennes man woman toddler girl baby

A la queue de l'étang de Brézal

by Jean-Édouard Dargent (19th century)
broad-leaved tree path meadow cow hill boy woman landscape crock


by Claude André Deseine (1791)
Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau

The Earthly Paradise

by Izaak van Oosten (17th century)
Garden of Eden Adam Eve apple apple tree snake river hill broad-leaved tree pig lion monkey dromedary peacock goat cow elephant horse duck leopard rabbit abduzcan Struthio Psittacidae Camelus parrot