location: Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

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genre: self-portrait (1) | portrait (1)

artist: anonymous (12) | John Caspar Wild (5) | James Henry Beard (3) | Henry Mosler (2) | Charles T. Webber (2) | Godfrey Frankenstein (2) | William Edward West (1) | Thomas Buchanan Reed (1) | Thomas Corwin Lindsay (1) | Thomas B. Glessing (1) | Frank Duveneck (1) | Jacob Eichholtz (1) | Joseph Oriel Eaton (1) | Junius Brutus Stearns (1) | Louis Charles Vogt (1)

collection: Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal (42)

location: Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal (42)

main subject: Micajah T. Williams (1)

material used: oil paint (42) | canvas (42)

depicts: Thomas Buchanan Reed (1) | Micajah T. Williams (1)

instance of: painting (42)

Micajah T. Williams

by anonymous (1819)

Micajah T. Williams

Self Portrait

by Thomas Buchanan Reed (1860)

Thomas Buchanan Reed

Study of a School Boy

by Frank Duveneck (1895)

David Gibson

by anonymous (1846)

Jacob Strader (1795-1860)

by anonymous (1855)

Sarah Matilda Cheesman Gibson

by Joseph Oriel Eaton (1860)

Capture of the Calloway Girls and Jemima Boone

by anonymous (1852)

Benjamin Mason

by anonymous (1804)

Major General Manning Ferguson Force

by Charles T. Webber (1890)

Slave Auction

by Charles T. Webber (1860)

Benn Pittman

by Elizabeth Nourse (1893)

Nathan Flint Baker (1820-1891)

by Emanuel Leutze (1845)

Governor Morrow's Mill

by Godfrey Frankenstein (1869)

The Mill Creek

by Godfrey Frankenstein (1845)

Governor John Brough

by anonymous (19th century)

Elizabeth Moerlein Portrait, 1869

by Henry Mosler (1869)

George B. Cox

by Henry Mosler (1900)

View of Bald Face Creek in the Ohio River Valley

by (1858)

Abraham Freeman

by Jacob Eichholtz (1821)

John Davies Jones

by James Henry Beard (19th century)


by (1832)

Martha Gibson

by James Henry Beard (1870)

Peter Gibson

by James Henry Beard (1870)

Miles Greenwood

by John Aubrey (1866)

Cincinnati From Behind Newport Barracks

by John Caspar Wild (1835)

West From Vine

by (1835)

Fourth Street East From Vine

by John Caspar Wild (1835)

North East Corner of Fourth and Walnut

by John Caspar Wild (1835)

View of Cincinnati From Covington

by John Caspar Wild (1835)

Third and Vine Northside

by John Caspar Wild (1835)

Joseph Quinten Laws

by Junius Brutus Stearns (1866)

Judge Jacob Burnet

by anonymous (19th century)

Kitty Burnet

by anonymous (19th century)

Chamber of Commerce Building (1889-1911)

by Louis Charles Vogt (1905)

Charles T. Webber

by Mary Spencer (1910)

Rebecca Burnet

by anonymous (2nd millennium)

Robert Wallace (1789-1863)

by anonymous (19th century)

Sarah B. Mason

by anonymous (19th century)

Strawberry Man at Fourth & Race

by anonymous (1863)

Shires' Garden

by Thomas B. Glessing (1847)

The Hornets' Nest

by Thomas Corwin Lindsay (1899)

Thomas R. Fosdick

by William Edward West (1818)