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movement: neoclassicism (1) | rococo (1) | German Renaissance (1)

artist: Anders Zorn (3) | Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1) | Nicolas Poussin (1) | Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller (1) | François Boucher (1) | Lucas Cranach the Elder (1) | Jacob Jordaens (1) | Jan Matsys (1) | Amalia Lindegren (1) | Ernst Josephson (1) | Caesar van Everdingen (1) | Eilif Peterssen (1) | Julius Kronberg (1)

depicts: woman (11) | nudity (10) | breast (8) | umbilicus (7) | waist (7) | sky (6) | toe (6) | hip (6) | barefoot (6) | areola (6) | drapery (6) | smile (5) | tree (5) | pearl (5) | back (5) | rural area (5) | nipple (5) | chignon (5)

material used: oil paint (15) | canvas (13) | wood (2) | gouache paint (1)

main subject: washing (1) | voyeurism (1) | Venus Anadyomene (1) | Candaulism (1) | suicide of Lucretia (1)

Study of a female model

painting / study
by Amalia Lindegren (1850s)
woman nudity back buttocks sitting overweight black hair chignon necklace

Girls from Dalarna in the sauna

by Anders Zorn (1906)
sauna woman nudity vat kneeling contrapposto blond chestnut hair headband chignon back washing Huequitos para Andrea umbilicus breast nude swimming areola steatomery hip waist barefoot toe mons pubis

Jupiter and Callisto

by Caesar van Everdingen (1655)
Zeus Kallisto Jupiter eagle dog couple eye contact collar putto lightning barefoot woman long hair vespaio ear half reclining toplessness breast nipple waist umbilicus loincloth earring pearl crown brown hair smile toe areola lovers' embrace broad-leaved tree rural area sky drapery blond malleolus


by Nicolas Poussin (1626s)
Bacchus Apollo


by Eilif Peterssen (1887)
woman body of water standing nudity trunk birch water lily shore Moon specular reflection chignon back hip hipshot buttocks intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus rural area broad-leaved tree flower waist human tree

En premiär

by Anders Zorn (1888)
nude swimming nudity mother son boy woman back buttocks chignon standing intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus steatomery breast Huequitos para Andrea waist high-angle shot specular reflection hip brown hair

After the Bath

by Anders Zorn (1895)
woman nudity blond standing breast areola umbilicus pubic hair barefoot tree hairstyle hip shadow daylight sitting shirt littoral zone shore sea sky nude swimming waist toe mons pubis

King Candaules of Lydia Showing his Wife to Gyges

by Jacob Jordaens (1646)
Candaules Gyges of Lydia Nyssia Candaulism clothed male, naked female bedroom canopy bed drapery curtain chamber pot stool dog collar man brown hair ear elderly white hair crown beard walrus moustache periorbital puffiness baldness mule woman standing coif eyebrow dark brown smile back overweight buttocks intergluteal cleft Gluteal sulcus steatomery shirt barefoot necklace pearl gaze towards the viewer malleolus

Danaë and the Shower of Gold

by Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller (1787)
Danaë woman nudity Cupid Eros putto quiver bird's wing bedroom bed drapery bed sheet blanket pillow lying chestnut hair long hair vespaio pearl eyebrow rosacea smile armpit breast areola nipple umbilicus hip toe Zeus Jupiter rain shower of gold


by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1528)
contrapposto nudity see-through clothing headgear ear black scarf necklace pearl breast nipple umbilicus glabrousness toe suicide window poignard landscape watercourse house mountain sky broad-leaved tree rural area wall barefoot Lucretia

[no title]

by Jan Matsys (1561)
Venus Genoa fountain Kythira woman sitting nudity red hair chignon vespaio dark brown eyebrow smile earring necklace pearl armband breast areola nipple waist umbilicus glabrousness see-through clothing bouquet vase drapery terrace balustrade baluster basin statue niche broad-leaved tree Jard rural area hedge rampart bastion city port sky cloud shore sea peacock gaze towards the viewer mons pubis tree

Nymph and Fauns

by Julius Kronberg (1875)
nymph woman lying nudity sleep red hair long hair armpit breast areola nipple waist umbilicus hip see-through clothing barefoot toe body of water shore water lily arch Rosa feather drapery plant leaf flower man faun black hair chin curtain Pencil moustache wreath laurel wreath smile voyeurism rural area sky cloud satyr nostril human tooth eyebrow malleolus

The Triumph of Venus

by François Boucher (1740)
nudity woman Venus Aphrodite sea naiad putto sitting blond dolphin conch throne drapery rock sky cloud tree

The Water Sprite

by Ernst Josephson (1882)

Bathing Women

by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1916)