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commissioned by: Louis XV of France (2)

artist: Nicolas Lancret (1) | Gabriël Metsu (1) | Wilhelm Marstrand (1) | Jean François de Troy (1) | Pierre Lacour the Elder (1)

material used: oil paint (5) | canvas (3) | wood (2)

collection: Condé Museum (2) | Bordeaux Beaux-arts museum (1) | Department of Paintings of the Louvre (1) | Nivaagaard Museum (1)

location: Condé Museum (2) | Bordeaux Beaux-arts museum (1) | Nivaagaard Museum (1) | Room 837 (1)

Moving Day Scene

by Wilhelm Marstrand (1831)
man woman family house street furniture timber-framed house streetlight dog tree bird horse-drawn wagon

A Soldier Paying a Visit to a Young Lady

by Gabriël Metsu (1660s)
dog woman gallantry boy furniture soldier

The Artist Painting a Family Portrait

by Pierre Lacour the Elder (1798)
painting man painter Joseph-Marie Vien sitting easel palette furniture Pierre Lacour the Elder headscarf studio foulard

The Ham Dinner

by Nicolas Lancret (1735)
meals nobility meat tableware house cat dog statue domestic worker bottle furniture

The Lunch of Oysters

by Jean François de Troy (1735)
meals oyster man nobility domestic worker tableware stemware candlestick wine cooler basket room pavement ceiling bottle table gluttony furniture sett pleasure None