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owned by: France (3) | Marie Thérèse Rodet Geoffrin (1) | Étienne Moreau-Nélaton (1) | Ambroise Vollard (1) | Paul Gachet (1) | Paul-Louis Gachet (1)

movement: Impressionism (1) | rococo (1) | classicism (1) | Pont-Aven School (1) | Venetian school (1) | High Renaissance (1) | event (1)

genre: landscape art (19) | genre art (8) | architectural view (5) | cityscape (4) | religious art (4) | nude (3) | history painting (2) | mythological painting (2) | portrait (1) | veduta (1) | figure painting (1)

based on: The Abduction of the Sabine Women (1)

artist: Jan van der Heyden (4) | Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot (3) | Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes (3) | Adriaen van de Velde (3) | Alfred Sisley (2) | Joseph Vernet (2) | Jan van Goyen (2) | Domenichino (2) | Frans Post (2) | Egbert van der Poel (2) | Giorgione (1) | Paul Gauguin (1) | Nicolas Poussin (1) | Titian (1) | Hendrick Mommers (1) | Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1) | Horace Vernet (1) | Antoine Watteau (1)

material used: oil paint (56) | canvas (35) | wood (15) | paper (4) | cardboard (3) | tempera (2) | copper (1) | gold (1) | metal (1) | poplar wood (1) | lime (1) | panel (1)

location: Louvre Palace (7) | in Painting's depot of the Musée du Louvre or in temporary movement (6) | Musée d'Orsay (3) | Room 949 (3) | Room 930 (3) | Room 836 (3) | Louvre Museum (2) | Galerie nationale du Jeu de paume (2) | Room 903 (2) | Room 800 (2) | Room 849 (2) | Room 840 (2) | Room 839 (2) | Room 918 (2) | Musée des Arts Décoratifs (1) | Salon Carré (1) | Salle des États (1) | Room 710 (1)

part of: The Abduction of the Sabine Women (1)

exhibition history: Salon of 1789 (1) | Salon of 1804 (1) | Salon of 1870 (1) | Salon of 1845 (1) | Salon of 1738 (1) | Salon of 1773 (1) | The Moon: From real travel to imaginary journeys (1)

main subject: Rape of the Sabine Women (1) | Madonna and Child (1)

location of final assembly: Pont-Aven (1)

The beggar

by Jan Miel (17th century)
ox goat house peasant barrel

Landscape with a Child Overturning Wine

by Domenichino (1604s)
barque hill woman broad-leaved tree laundry detergent house landscape plain bridge river

The Vegetable Market in Amsterdam

by Gabriël Metsu (1660)
market Amsterdam basket cage rooster dog broad-leaved tree canal sailing ship house

The Departure for the Horse Ride

by Aelbert Cuyp (1665)
dog house

Paysage à la chèvre

by Antoine Watteau (1716s)
mountain waterfall house vegetation

Une maison rustique

by Egbert van der Poel (17th century)
breastfeeding inn drink cart dog child woman broad-leaved tree man house hen barrel None


by anonymous (17th century)
horse pond woman broad-leaved tree fortification man house mountain landscape

Blessed Ranieri Delivering the Poor from a Prison in Florence

by Stefano di Giovanni (1437s)
blessed Florence house miracle poverty prison street

Madonna and Child

by Alesso Baldovinetti (1464s)
balustrade hill house landscape Virgin Mary Child Jesus

View of Herteveld near the Vecht river, Utrecht

by Jan van der Heyden (18th century)
horse dog Holland house park landscape portal

Apollo and Daphne

by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1743s)
Apollo bow oar quiver Daphne main stream laurel wreath house mountain nudity pine tree Eros symbol Peneus

Three Different Houses

by Frans Post (17th century)
palm tree Brazil watercourse house landscape

The Rhine at Emmerich with St. Martin's Church

by Jan van der Heyden (18th century)
Germany barque house landscape Rhine

The Rialto Bridge in Venice

by Francesco Guardi (18th century)
Venice bridge canal gondola railway platform human sailboat house

Notre-Dame de Paris, vue du quai Saint-Michel avec le Petit Pont

by Johan Jongkind (1854)
house railway platform Seine Notre-Dame de Paris Paris bridge barge human quai Saint-Michel Petit Pont

House of a Portuguese nobleman in Brazil

by Frans Post (17th century)
tree palm tree Brazil house landscape

The Knife-grinder

by David Teniers the Younger (1640s)
man knife grinder knife machine house

Bridge and Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome

by Joseph Vernet (1745)
Rome château bridge house sailboat barque Pinales Castel Sant'Angelo Ponte Sant'Angelo Tiber

Pâtres et Cheval pie

by Karel Dujardin (1675)
horse broad-leaved tree man Italy house landscape

Convoi militaire

by Adam Frans van der Meulen (17th century)
cavalry broad-leaved tree infantry house

The Rape of the Sabine Women

by Nicolas Poussin (1634)
Romulus Sabines Rome kidnapping woman combat violence soldier house temple Rape of the Sabine Women

Jacob coming to find the daughters of Laban

by Louis Gauffier (1787)
Jacob meeting woman domestic sheep goat well mountain village house palm tree Leah Rachel

Cascatelles de Tivoli

by Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1761s)
Tivoli waterfall house fountain laundering

Windmills on the Picardy hill

by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot (1860s)
house windmill landscape Versailles

Two Sailboats on a River with Cattle on the Riverbank

by Jan van Goyen (1647)
barque livestock house cloud landscape sailing ship

Vue de la campagne de Richmond, effet de clair de lune

by Hippolyte Sebron (1845)
moonlight hill woman forest man house landscape

Le printemps

by Nicolas Lancret (1738)
tree watercourse house flower bird

Square in Xanten, with the Church of St. Victor beyond

by Jan van der Heyden (18th century)
Germany house landscape square Xanten

The Arrival of the Stagecoach

by Louis-Léopold Boilly (1803)
street house hen dog stagecoach Voyageur military officer hug

Vue du canal Saint-Martin

by Alfred Sisley (1870)
Canal Saint-Martin contre-jour broad-leaved tree multi-storey urban building barge sky cloud pier Paris tree canal house landscape péniche mirror image

Landscape with Hercules and Cacus

by Domenichino (1621s)
Bovidae Cacus château oak broad-leaved tree Heracles house domestic sheep landscape river cow calf


by Jan van der Heyden (18th century)
path broad-leaved tree house oratory landscape peasant

Le Canal Saint-Martin

by Alfred Sisley (1872)
Canal Saint-Martin house vertical-lift bridge shore sky cloud specular reflection Paris canal landscape bridge

Demolition of the Houses on the Pont Notre-Dame in 1786

by Hubert Robert (1786)
house barque human Pont Neuf demolition pont Notre-Dame Paris

View of of a scene near Brussels

by Adriaen van Stalbemt (17th century)
hill house landscape bridge river road city

Ischia, view taken from the slopes of Mount Epomeo

by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot (1828)
gulf island Italy house landscape volcano

Paysannes bretonnes

by Paul Gauguin (1894)
peasant woman Bretons dress apron coif rural area tree house sky Brittany field landscape

The Doctors of the Church

by Pier Francesco Sacchi (1516)
Ambrose Bishop of Hippo Saint Augustine hill pigeon writing broad-leaved tree book house pope rock Holy Spirit sitting table

Pastoral Concert

by Titian (1509s)
shepherd woman broad-leaved tree recorder lute house domestic sheep musician crock well vegetation glass

Seaport by Moonlight

by Joseph Vernet (1771s)
bank house moonlight human fire cuisine angling sailing ship sky night light source Moon contre-jour

Roman countryside. The Monte Testaccio

by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot (1825)
Lazio house landscape

Farm-buildings at the Villa Farnese: the Two Poplar Trees

by Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes (19th century)
Lazio house landscape poplar

The Pont des Treilles on the Maine River in Angers

by Lambert Doomer (17th century)
Angers house landscape bridge

The Louvre from the Pont-Neuf, around 1666

by Hendrick Mommers (17th century)
Paris railway platform house bridge statue Seine market carriage Louvre Palace Statue équestre d'Henri IV crowd

Scandinavian Caprice

by Allaert van Everdingen (17th century)
tree watercourse house mountain landscape