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based on: Madonna and Child (3) | New Testament (1) | Revelation of John (1) | Nativity of Jesus (1) | massacre of the Innocents (1) | Madonna of humility (1) | the Lord appears to Abraham by the oaks of Mamre (1)

artist: anonymous (14) | Raphael (3) | Peter Paul Rubens (3) | Fra Angelico (3) | Sandro Botticelli (3) | Andrea Mantegna (3) | Giovanni Bellini (3) | Jan van Eyck (3) | Hans Memling (3) | Gerard David (3) | Lucas Cranach the Elder (2) | Filippo Lippi (2) | Hubert van Eyck (2) | Gherardo Starnina (2) | Baltasar de Echave (2) | Monogrammist AH (2) | Luis Juárez (2) | Leonardo da Vinci (1)

part of the series: Cycle of four altar pieces for the patron saints of Siena (1)

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country of origin: Italy (5) | Brazil (1)

exhibition history: Exposition des primitifs français (5) | Exposition des primitifs flamands à Bruges (4) | Florentine Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum (2) | Santi Giovanni e Paolo (1) | Metropolitan Museum of Art (1) | The Europe of Rubens (1) | Cluj-Napoca (1) | Europeana 280 (1) | The Michael Friedsam Collection (1) | Art in Florence in the Age of Dante (1250-1300) (1)

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donated by: J. P. Morgan (1) | Theodore M. Davis (1) | Robert Lehman (1) | Michael Friedsam (1)

location of final assembly: Venice (2) | Cologne (1) | Santi Giovanni e Paolo (1)

published in: European Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Artists Born before 1865: A Summary Catalogue (4) | Italian Paintings: A Catalogue of the Collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Vol. 1, Florentine School/ (2) | A Concise Catalogue of the European Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1) | German Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1350–1600 (1) | Flemish Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (1)

Eternal Father

painting / reredos
by Gerard David (1506)
musician blessing angel cloud God in Christianity

The Adoration of the Child

by Francesco Francia (15th century)
angel Nativity of Jesus

Annunciation with St. Margaret and St. Ansanus

painting / triptych
by Simone Martini (1333)
Virgin Mary Annunciation angel Ansanus Jeremiah

Triptych of the Resurrection

painting / triptych / reredos
by Hans Memling (1490)
resurrection of Jesus soldier sleep angel landscape path garland Saint Sebastian martyr arrow Feast of the Ascension

Altarpiece of St. Vincent Ferrer

painting / polyptych
by Giovanni Bellini (1464)
Child Jesus boy man White people Saint Christopher Vincent Ferrer Saint Sebastian woman angel Gabriel lily Virgin Mary prayer landscape martyrdom of Saint Sebastian


by Maurice Denis (1912)
paradise angel garden Garden of Eden treelet flower

Triptych of the Sedano family

triptych / painting
by Gerard David (1492s)
Holy Family John the Baptist John the Apostle Adam Eve Oriental rug Jean de Sedano sitting angel lute harp family boy man kneeling woman nudity

Burg Weiler Altar Triptych

by Master of the Burg Weiler Altarpiece (1470)
Virgin Mary Jesus Christ Judoc Wendelin of Trier Saint Apollonia Saint Barbara Catherine of Alexandria Lawrence of Rome Saint Sebastian Saint Maurice angel

Virgin and Child Enthroned with Four Angels

by Piero della Francesca (1475)
Virgin Mary woman Child Jesus boy sitting angel standing throne mother platform

Madonna and Child with St. John and angels

by Jacopino del Conte (1600)
Virgin Mary Child Jesus John the Baptist angel

Madonna and Child

by Deodato Orlandi (1320)
angel blessing sitting throne Virgin Mary Child Jesus

Virgin and child with four angels and four saints

by Giuliano di Simone (14th century)
breastfeeding angel Eve flower musical instrument lyre mandolin Mary Magdalena Saint Nicholas Peter snake

Madonna with child, John the Baptist, and an angel

by Giulio Cesare Procaccini (18th century)
Virgin Mary John the Baptist Jesus Christ angel

Madonna and Child Enthroned with Angels

by Master of Varlungo (1285)
Virgin Mary Jesus Christ angel

Sem Título/Legenda 31

by Oreste Sercelli
angel ceiling woman

Resurrection of Christ

by Raphael (1500)
Jesus Christ man angel

Madonna and Child with the Infant Saint John the Baptist and Angels

by Pseudo-Pier Francesco Fiorentino (16th century)
Virgin Mary Jesus Christ John the Baptist angel

Sleeping Christ Child with Music Making Angels

by Carlo Maratta (1697)

Two Seated Angels Making Music

by Gherardo Starnina (1400s)
angel harp organ

Madonna and Child with the Infant John the Baptist and Angels

by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1537)
Virgin Mary Jesus Christ John the Baptist angel

Madonna and Child with St. John and an angel

painting / tondo
by Giuliano Bugiardini (1525)
Virgin Mary Child Jesus John the Baptist angel

Tobias and the Angel

by Salvator Rosa (17th century)
angel Tobias

Virgin and Child

by Lucas Cranach the Elder (1517s)
Virgin Mary woman mother Child Jesus boy nudity long hair red hair angel grape

The Prayer in the Garden

by Baltasar de Echave (1610s)
angel Jesus Christ

Madonna and Child and Two Angels

by Sandro Botticelli (1468)
woman Child Jesus boy Virgin Mary mother angel

Tobias and the Angel

by anonymous (1470)
angel Tobias

Playing putto (bad filename)

by Rosso Fiorentino (1521)
Erotes putto musician bird's wing red hair angel lute

Coronation of the Virgin

by Master of Santa Verdiana (1380s)
angel Coronation of the Virgin Jesus Christ

Madonna and Child with Saints

by Hans Memling (1490)
angel Saint Barbara Catherine of Alexandria broad-leaved tree Margaret the Virgin sitting

The Coronation of the Virgin

by Michael Sittow (1496s)
Jesus Christ God angel cloud

The Virgin Appearing to Saint Luke and Saint Yves

by Jacopo da Empoli (1579)
angel Luke the Evangelist beatific vision

Redemptor between the Virgin and three Saints

by Meliore di Jacopo (1271)
Virgin Mary Jesus Christ John the Evangelist Peter Paul angel

The Angel of the Lord Preventing Abraham from Sacrificing his Son Isaac

by Pieter Lastman (1616)
angel Isaac night sacrifice

The three Marys at the Tomb

by Jan van Eyck (1430s)
Mary Magdalena Mary of Clopas Salome tomb angel jar fritware

The Last Judgment

by Nicolaes Eliaszoon Pickenoy (1606)
angel hell woman Day of Judgment court decision paradise

The Throne of Grace

painting / triptych / reredos
by Colijn de Coter (1512s)
Trinity God the Father pope Holy Spirit pigeon Jesus Christ shroud angel

Madonna of Humility (Madonna dell'Umiltà)

by Taddeo Gaddi (1390)
Virgin Mary woman sitting breastfeeding dress toplessness breast blond long hair veil aureola overcoat Child Jesus boy barefoot cushion angel bird's wing crown nipple mother Nursing Madonna

The Annunciation

by Luis Juárez (1600s)
Annunciation Virgin Mary angel


by Aertgen van Leyden (16th century)
angel child Nativity of Jesus night

La Vierge et l'Enfant trônant entre Saint François, Saint Antoine et deux donateurs

by Niccolò Pisano (1510)
angel Anthony of Padua Francis of Assisi mountain music throne

The Guardian Angel

by Luis Juárez

Baronci Altarpiece

painting / reredos
by Raphael (1500)

The Tree of Jesse

by anonymous (1500)
Isai tree Virgin Mary Jesus Christ David Salomon peacock wall house nun rosary sceptre harp robe angel hortus conclusus tower book

Nativity with Donor Portrait of Cardinal Rolin

by Jean Hey (1480)
Joseph donkey ox herder Nicolas Rolin cardinal magistrate man angel Nativity of Jesus

Crowning of the Virgin

by anonymous
angel Coronation of the Virgin throne