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movement: pointillism (1)

genre: cityscape (2)

artist: Robert Delaunay (3) | Georges Seurat (1) | Henri Rousseau (1)

collection: private collection (3) | Museum of Modern Art (1) | Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (1)

location: Museum of Modern Art (1) | Legion of Honor (1)

The Eiffel Tower

by Georges Seurat (1889)
Eiffel Tower Pont Alexandre III Seine sky tree

Football. L'Équipe de Cardiff

by Robert Delaunay (1916)
rugby sporting event ferris wheel Eiffel Tower advertising

Window with Orange Curtains

by Robert Delaunay (1912)
window curtain Eiffel Tower

Air, Iron and Water, Study

painting / study
by Robert Delaunay (1937)
Eiffel Tower locomotive

Seine and Eiffel Tower in the Sunset

by Henri Rousseau (1889)
Eiffel Tower Seine sunset sky Sun flag of France