instance of: painting / material used: wood / depicts: house / exhibition history: Monet in Holland / location of final assembly: The Hague / owned by: Jan Smit / location: museum's storage space

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movement: Realism (1)

genre: landscape art (1)

artist: Vincent van Gogh (1)

collection: National Gallery of Art (1) | Paul Mellon (1)

main subject: farm (1)

donated by: Paul Mellon (1)

published in: European Paintings: An Illustrated Catalogue (1) | Flower Still Lifes from the Netherlands and Belgium 1870-1940 (1) | Van Gogh's Flowers (1) | Van Gogh: Face to Face. The Portraits (1) | Vincent's Gardens: Paintings and Drawings by Van Gogh (1)

Bulb Fields

by Vincent van Gogh (1883)
tulip field house tree