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owned by: Pierre César Labouchère (1) | Jan Gildemeester (1) | Joseph Duveen, 1st Baron Duveen (1) | Michael Friedsam (1)

movement: Orientalism (2) | Baroque (1) | academic art (1) | Italian Renaissance (1) | High Renaissance (1) | Dutch Golden Age painting (1) | Egyptian Revival (1)

genre: religious art (9) | nude (4) | history painting (2) | portrait (1) | Christian art (1) | genre art (1) | cityscape (1) | mythological painting (1)

based on: Antony and Cleopatra (1) | Adoration of the shepherds (1) | La Belle Impéria (1) | Penitent Magdalene (1) | Madonna and Child (1) | death of Cleopatra (1)

artist: anonymous (3) | Paolo Uccello (2) | Leonardo da Vinci (1) | Rembrandt (1) | Cima da Conegliano (1) | Parmigianino (1) | Caravaggio (1) | Lovis Corinth (1) | Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1) | Pontormo (1) | Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1) | Gerrit Dou (1) | Carlo Crivelli (1) | Carel Fabritius (1) | Jan Matsys (1) | Hans Makart (1) | Hans Heyerdahl (1) | János Thorma (1)

location: Pinacoteca di Brera (1) | Metropolitan Museum of Art (1)

country of origin: Spain (1)

exhibition history: The Michael Friedsam Collection (1) | 5 Centuries of Spanish Art (1) | Spanish Art: Fifteenth Century to Modern (1) | Loan Exhibition of French Primitives and Objects of Art (1) | Spanish Painting (1) | Spanish Painting (1) | Goya, Zurbaran, and Spanish Primitives (1) | 700 Years of Spanish Art (1)

main subject: Madonna and Child (3) | Christianity (1) | crucifixion of Jesus (1) | Annunciation (1) | Adoration of the shepherds (1) | Penitent Magdalene (1) | death of Cleopatra (1)

donated by: Michael Friedsam (1)

published in: European Paintings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Artists Born before 1865: A Summary Catalogue (1)

Antony and Cleopatra

by Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1883)
Mark Antony Cleopatra man woman sitting brown hair diadem earring crook and flail see-through clothing fur barefoot garland throne domestic worker flautist western concert flute beard toga ancient Roman military clothing combat helmet boat oar galley Mediterranean Sea Roman navy dais curtain drapery Egyptian hieroglyphs meeting hopper barge frankincense thurible None None Uraeus dress Bernice Zimmern femme fatale dark brown enslaved person


by János Thorma (20th century)
couple woman man kiss

Bathsheba Observed by King David

by Jan Matsys (16th century)
Bathsheba woman washing sitting breast nipple palace sky cloud column drapery gaze towards the viewer

La Mort de Cléopâtre

by Hans Makart (1875)
Cleopatra woman toplessness umbilicus breast areola snakebite Egyptian cobra suicide blood necklace pearl coif sitting bouquet drapery brown hair nipple belt shoulder

Portrait of a woman formerly called Adriaantje Hollaer

by Rembrandt (1642)
Adriaantje Hollaer woman

Madonna of Laroque

by Leonardo da Vinci (1480)
woman Child Jesus boy Virgin Mary mother

Madonna Martello

by Paolo Uccello (1420)
Child Jesus boy Virgin Mary woman

Medusa Murtola

by Caravaggio (1595)
Medusa woman human head

Street in a Dutch Town

by Pieter Cornelis Dommersen (1878)
town street building city gate fountain clock bell tower bas-relief sky cloud man woman wheelbarrow

Crucifixion of Christ

by Paolo Uccello (1423)
Virgin Mary woman Jesus Christ man

San Domenico in Camerino Polyptych

painting / polyptych / triptych
by Carlo Crivelli (1482)
Child Jesus boy Virgin Mary woman Saint Dominic Peter of Verona

Madonna with the Child

by Cima da Conegliano (1504)
Virgin Mary woman Child Jesus boy mother

[no title]

by Lovis Corinth (1925)
woman nudity umbilicus smile shoe bracelet dress dress belt blond long hair public nudity hip

Marie Gallén at the Kuhmoniemi-bridge

by Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1890)

Salome Dancing before Herod

by anonymous (16th century)
Salome woman man

The Adoration of the Shepherds

by Parmigianino (1521)
Child Jesus boy Virgin Mary woman

Young Lady Playing a Clavichord

by Gerrit Dou (1660s)
clavichord woman

The penitent Mary Magdalene

by Hans Heyerdahl (1892)
Mary Magdalena woman nudity long hair blond sitting reading book breast umbilicus hip human skull mortification of the flesh

Madonna and child with book

by Pontormo (1540)
Virgin Mary woman Child Jesus boy mother