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genre: genre art (1) | allegory (1) | religious art (1) | interior view (1)

artist: Jacob Jordaens (1) | Cornelis van Haarlem (1) | Emanuel de Witte (1) | Gonzales Coques (1)

main subject: Miraculous catch of fish (1)

Miraculous catch of fish

by Jacob Jordaens (17th century)
man woman Peter apostle fisher fish Twelve Apostles

Allegory of repentance.

by Cornelis van Haarlem (1616)
crown woman money nudity goldsmithing sitting

The Astronomer And His Wife

by Gonzales Coques (17th century)
astrolabe astronomer couple woman armillary sphere table carpet

Interior of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam

by Emanuel de Witte (1655)
manual worker tomb skull woman breastfeeding child dog cortège church building Gothic architecture liturgical furniture