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instance of: painting (5)

genre: history painting (2) | battle painting (2) | military art (1)

artist: Ary Scheffer (1) | François Bouchot (1) | Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse (1) | Jean-Charles-Joseph Rémond (1) | Pierre-Jules Jollivet (1)

collection: Museum of the History of France (5)

location: Galerie des Batailles (3)

The Battle of Zurich, 25th September 1799

by François Bouchot (1835)
major trauma cavalry general staff infantry lake soldier death river uniform Zürich

Battle of Fleurus

by Jean-Baptiste Mauzaisse (1837)
Battle of Fleurus cadaver cannon cavalry cuirass Fleurus Arms industry infantry

Reddition de Tortosa, 2 janvier 1811

by Jean-Charles-Joseph Rémond (1837)
major trauma cannon general staff fortification trench warfare infantry mountain Tortosa city

Bataille d'Agnadel, 14 mai 1509

by Pierre-Jules Jollivet (1837)
cavalry general staff infantry marshal massacre

Battle of Tolbiac

by Ary Scheffer (1837)
Germany cavalry Clovis I infantry prayer