Pakhuizen aan een Amsterdamse gracht op Uilenburg (Q17331256)

Label from: English (en) Dutch (nl)

genre: cityscape (Q1935974)
artist: Willem Witsen (Q2614892)
collection: Rijksmuseum (Q190804) Amsterdam Museum (Q1820897)
location: Rijksmuseum (Q190804) Amsterdam Museum (Q1820897)
material used: canvas (Q4259259) oil paint (Q296955)
depicts: warehouse (Q181623) harbor (Q283202) canal (Q12284) footbridge (Q1068842) barge (Q16518) drawbridge (Q23383) Rapenburg (Q19462065) Uilenburg (Q2695420) Rapenburgwal (Q16672161) Peperbrug (Q17291497)
instance of: painting (Q3305213)
RKDimages ID: 26202

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information from the Rijksmuseum catalog

keywords large-scale structure for storage, e.g.: warehouse, depot, silo warehouse (~ harbour) canals, waters (in city)

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