Yonker Ramp and his Sweetheart (Q17355822)

Label from: English (en)

genre: portrait (Q134307)
artist: Frans Hals (Q167654)
collection: Metropolitan Museum of Art (Q160236)
location: Metropolitan Museum of Art (Q160236)
owned by: Benjamin Altman (Q2895984) Duveen Galleries (Q18670279) Cornelia Elisabeth Anna de Lange (Q107994847)
material used: canvas (Q12321255)
donated by: Benjamin Altman (Q2895984)
location of final assembly: Haarlem (Q9920)
depicts: man (Q8441) woman (Q467) dog (Q144) happiness (Q8) hat (Q80151) feather (Q81025)
instance of: painting (Q3305213)
RKDimages ID: 285012
The Met object ID: 436616

catalog URL: https://www.wga.hu/html/h/hals/frans/01-1623/14nojonk.html

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