Stormy sea (Q17492101)

Label from: English (en)

genre: marine art (Q158607) landscape art (Q191163)
artist: Gustave Courbet (Q34618)
collection: Musée d'Orsay (Q23402)
location: Musée d'Orsay (Q23402)
material used: oil paint (Q296955) canvas (Q4259259)
exhibition history: Salon of 1870 (Q16988760)
depicts: barque (Q1092993) littoral zone (Q506894) thunderstorm (Q2857578) landscape (Q107425) wind wave (Q165848)
instance of: painting (Q3305213)
Joconde ID: 000PE000698
Musée d'Orsay artwork ID: 928
Salons ID: 196630

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