The Death of Socrates (Q1752990)

Label from: English (en)

movement: neoclassicism (Q14378)
genre: history painting (Q742333)
artist: Jacques-Louis David (Q83155)
collection: Metropolitan Museum of Art (Q160236)
location: Metropolitan Museum of Art (Q160236)
main subject: Socrates (Q913)
material used: oil paint (Q296955)
fabrication method: oil painting (Q174705)
exhibition history: Salon of 1787 (Q58610640)
depicts: trial of Socrates (Q3110066) Conium maculatum (Q218041) Socrates (Q913) suicide (Q10737) bed (Q42177) stairs (Q12511) scroll (Q720106) robe (Q345127) man (Q8441) forced suicide (Q2746270) chain (Q2397485) torch (Q327954)
instance of: painting (Q3305213)
The Met object ID: 436105

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