The Crucifixion (Q18338447)

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movement: German Renaissance (Q2455000)
genre: religious art (Q2864737)
artist: Albrecht D├╝rer (Q5580)
collection: Victoria and Albert Museum (Q213322) Chester Beatty Library (Q391976) Cleveland Museum of Art (Q657415) National Gallery of Art (Q214867) Prints in the National Gallery of Art (Q64946756) Rosenwald Collection (Q62274660) British Museum (Q6373) Metropolitan Museum of Art (Q160236) Drawings and Prints (Q67429132) Drawings and Prints (Q67429132)
location: National Gallery of Art (Q214867) Cleveland Museum of Art (Q657415)
country of origin: Germany (Q183)
main subject: Crucifixion of Jesus (Q51636)
material used: paper (Q11472)
location of final assembly: Nuremberg (Q2090)
based on: New Testament (Q18813)
fabrication method: copper engraving technique (Q4287629)
depicts: Crucifixion of Jesus (Q51636) John the Apostle (Q44015) Mary Magdalene (Q63070)
instance of: copper engraving print (Q18887969) print (Q11060274)
The Met object ID: 391129
V&A item ID: O728574
National Gallery of Art artwork ID: 6614

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