The Large Passion: The Crucifixion (Q18338555)

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movement: German Renaissance (Q2455000)
genre: religious art (Q2864737)
artist: Albrecht Dürer (Q5580)
collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Q1565911) Honolulu Museum of Art (Q128316) Metropolitan Museum of Art (Q160236) National Gallery of Art (Q214867) Prints in the National Gallery of Art (Q64946756) Rosenwald Collection (Q62274660) Albertina (Q371908) Cleveland Museum of Art (Q657415)
location: National Gallery of Art (Q214867) Cleveland Museum of Art (Q657415)
part of the series: Great Passion (Q127736)
main subject: Crucifixion of Jesus (Q51636)
based on: New Testament (Q18813)
fabrication method: woodcut process (Q173242)
depicts: Jesus (Q302)
instance of: woodcut print (Q18219090) print (Q11060274)
National Gallery of Art artwork ID: 6739

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