Visit of the Prince of Wales, President Buchanan, and Dignitaries to the Tomb of Washington at Mount Vernon, October 1860 (Q20503069)

Label from: English (en)

artist: Thomas Prichard Rossiter (Q7793282)
collection: Smithsonian American Art Museum (Q1192305)
location: Smithsonian American Art Museum (Q1192305)
country of origin: United States of America (Q30)
material used: oil paint (Q296955) canvas (Q4259259)
depicts: Mount Vernon (Q731635) group of humans (Q16334295) landscape (Q107425)
instance of: painting (Q3305213)
Smithsonian American Art Museum ID: 21320

information from the Smithsonian American Art Museum catalog

description: In 1860, the nineteen-year-old Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) visited the tomb of the man who had led the Continental Army to victory over the forces of Great Britain in the American Revolution. Demonstrating the renewed harmony between the two nations, President James Buchanan stands beside the heir to the British throne as he pays his respects at this American shrine. The clouds above the assembled crowd of dignitaries take the form of George Washington's profile.
keywords Occupation – political – president Ceremony – civic – political Portrait male – Buchanan, James History – United States Monument – tomb – Washington Figure group

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