A Bride (Q20505021)

Label from: English (en)

genre: genre art (Q1047337)
artist: Abbott Handerson Thayer (Q306759)
collection: Smithsonian American Art Museum (Q1192305)
location: Smithsonian American Art Museum (Q1192305)
country of origin: United States of America (Q30)
material used: oil paint (Q296955) canvas (Q4259259)
depicts: bride (Q353673) wedding dress (Q170063) woman (Q467)
instance of: painting (Q3305213)
Smithsonian American Art Museum ID: 23925

information from the Smithsonian American Art Museum catalog

description: Abbott Thayer painted this study for a large society portrait of Alice Maude Allen Atwater of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He sketched her from life and focused on the details of her face and her general pose. But in the finished version, which he made in his studio, he lavished attention on the bride's gown of Japanese gold cloth with a Belgian rose-point lace bodice. Years later the dress remained in his mind, but when asked who the bride was, he had trouble remembering. (Prelinger, American Impressionism: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2000)
keywords Figure female – full length Study

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