Seet-sé-be-a, Midday Sun, a Pretty Girl (Q20540219)

Label from: English (en)

artist: George Catlin (Q455133)
collection: Smithsonian American Art Museum (Q1192305)
location: Smithsonian American Art Museum (Q1192305)
country of origin: United States of America (Q30)
material used: oil paint (Q296955) canvas (Q4259259)
depicts: portrait (Q134307) woman (Q467) Indigenous peoples of the United States (Q49297) feather (Q81025)
instance of: painting (Q3305213)
Smithsonian American Art Museum ID: 4274

information from the Smithsonian American Art Museum catalog

description: George Catlin explained that his model, a young Hidatsa woman, was “a descendent from the old chief . . . a fair sample of them, and dressed in beautiful costume of the mountain-sheep skin, handsomely garnished with porcupine quills and beads.” The young girl had repeatedly refused to let Catlin paint her portrait, claiming that she was not pretty enough for such an honor. But her relatives insisted that she sit for Catlin, who described her as “more than comely.” (Catlin, Letters and Notes, vol. 1, no. 23, 1841; reprint 1973)
keywords Portrait female – Midday Sun – full length Ethnic – Indian – Hidatsa Dress – ethnic – Indian dress

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