Danaë (Q3701421)

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movement: Venetian school (Q610687)
genre: mythological painting (Q3374376) nude (Q40446)
artist: Titian (Q47551)
collection: Hermitage Museum (Q132783)
location: Museo del Prado (Q160112)
part of the series: Danaë (Q1634112)
main subject: shower of gold (Q37739859)
material used: oil paint (Q296955) canvas (Q12321255)
location of final assembly: Italy (Q38)
depicts: Danaë (Q190582) armpit (Q499) woman (Q467)
instance of: painting (Q3305213)

catalog URL: https://www.wga.hu/html/t/tiziano/09/07danae.html

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