Adam and Eve (Q3898508)

Label from: English (en)

movement: German Renaissance (Q2455000) Northern Renaissance (Q610877)
genre: nude (Q40446) religious object (Q21029893)
artist: Albrecht Dürer (Q5580)
main subject: Adam and Eve (Q58701)
location of final assembly: Germany (Q183)
based on: Book of Genesis (Q9184)
depicts: Adam (Q70899) Eve (Q830183) tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Q639789) nudity (Q10791) pubic hair (Q54795) fig leaf (Q1401595) contrapposto (Q514847) serpent in the Bible (Q2915835) couple (Q219160) house cat (Q146) Alces alces (Q35517) ox (Q473194) bird (Q5113) rabbit (Q9394) snake (Q2102)
instance of: copper engraving print (Q18887969)
The Met object ID: 336222
ARTIC artwork ID: 51498
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston object ID: 246
Google Arts & Culture asset ID: uwEu0RikJE-A5Q
Minneapolis Institute of Art artwork ID: 7277

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