São Paulo - Terreiro e embarque de Café (Q49901553)

Label from: French (fr) English (en) Spanish (es) Portuguese (pt)

artist: Guilherme Gaensly (Q3119562)
collection: Museu Paulista collection (Q56677470) Postcards Collection (Q89302278) Museu Paulista collection (Q56677470)
location: Museu Paulista (Q371803)
country of origin: Brazil (Q155)
main subject: Coffee production in Brazil (Q2090196)
material used: collotype technique (Q1572315)
location of final assembly: São Paulo (Q174)
depicts: Coffee production in Brazil (Q2090196) ship (Q11446) person (Q215627) worker (Q327055) farmer (Q131512) plantation (Q188913) French (Q150)
instance of: postcard (Q192425) printing (Q11034) collotype technique (Q1572315)
Google Arts & Culture asset ID: vAG0NdFg40vMsg

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