Young lady in fashionable clothing (Q58673033)

Label from: English (en)

genre: sculpture (Q860861)
artist: Georges Van der Straeten (Q3103589)
collection: Collection Van Herck (Q58072385) Heritage Fund (Q47458848) Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (Q1471477) King Baudouin Foundation (Q2780100)
location: Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (Q1471477)
owned by: Charles Van Herck (Q58072493) Alfons Van Herck (Q58083967) King Baudouin Foundation (Q2780100)
material used: terracotta (Q60424)
time period: 19th century (Q6955)
part of: Collection Van Herck (Q58072385)
depicts: woman (Q467)
instance of: sculpture (Q860861)
KMSKA work PID: IB00_116

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