Angel from a Tomb (Q60779064)

Label from: English (en)

artist: Tino di Camaino (Q527261)
collection: Cleveland Museum of Art (Q657415)
depicts: angel (Q235113)
instance of: sculpture (Q860861) item of collection or exhibition (Q18593264)

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information from the Cleveland Museum of Art catalog

description: ("Tino da Camaino was active in Siena, Pisa, and Florence after 1311 where he established his reputation as an important and gifted sculptor. In 1323 he was summoned to the Angevin court at Naples, probably by King Robert of Anjou to work on the sepulchral monument of the king's daughter-in-law, Catherine of Austria. During the remainder of his life, Tino created a remarkable series of tomb sculptures in Naples. This pair of marble angels most likely represents the work of a member of Tino's workshop produced for one of these Neapolitan tombs, either during the final years of the master's life, or else independently after Tino's death in 1337.",)

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