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Virgin and Child (Q20539102) [wikidata] Madonna and Child (Q9309699) 2019 Nov 08 21:19
Rouen Cathedral, Fa├žade (Q20538924) [wikidata] Rouen Cathedral (Q476516) 2019 Nov 08 21:17
The Water Lily Pond (Q20538908) [wikidata] pond (Q3253281) 2019 Nov 08 21:16
The Water Lily Pond (Q20538908) [wikidata] water lily (Q3347071) 2019 Nov 08 21:16
Lamentation over the Dead Christ (Q27034683) [wikidata] lamentation of Christ (Q3155356) 2019 Nov 08 21:11
Lamentation over the Dead Christ (Q27034683) [wikidata] Virgin Mary (Q345) 2019 Nov 08 21:11
Christ and the Woman of Samaria (Q19966562) [wikidata] Samaritan woman at the well (Q292242) 2019 Nov 08 21:05